Durst hits new milestone with the launch of the P5 TEX iSUB inline sublimation printer

Durst has released a new addition to its P5 family – the Durst P5 TEX iSUB – which is designed to boost efficiency by eliminating individual work steps in the soft signage production process.

Among its key features is its ability to print direct to polyester, eliminating the need for a calender unit. It also has an integrated finishing unit which allows it to sew and stitch inline to reduce material waste.

The new entrant is based on the P5 platform and can print a maximum width of 3.3 metres at a maximum speed of 383 square metres per hour.

Like the P5, it has a multi-roll feature which makes it easier to change materials in practice. It can also accommodate dual rolls of 1.6 metres wide.

The printer has been designed to answer continued growth in the global soft signage sector, particularly in visual communication, home decor and textile clothing.

Durst Oceania managing director Matt Ashman
Durst Oceania managing director Matt Ashman

Durst Oceania Managing Director, Matt Ashman, says the P5 TEX iSUB is the solution the market has been waiting for.

“It is so encouraging to see Durst continuing to push the technology boundaries. With P5 TEX iSUB and the Durst iSUB inks, this new textile printing and finishing machine all in one is the solution the market has been waiting for,” Ashman told Sprinter.

“Textile continues to grow, and has been an area many customers wanted to add to their portfolio. However, many were concerned about the steps to print, transfer, heat press, calendar and finish and this device is all that in one package.”

Durst P5 TEX iSUB
The latest Durst P5 TEX iSUB printer eliminates the need for a calendar unit as it can print direct to polyester fabric

Integrated inline fixation

A key feature of the P5 TEX iSUB is its integrated inline fusing for direct printing on polyester fabrics. This feature means it is no longer necessary to invest and accommodate a calender unit on the factory floor.

Durst Group Head of Product Management, Andrea Riccardi, said there a significant advantages as part of this one-step process.

“No investment and no floor space is required for a calender. The Durst P5 TEX iSUB is operated by only one operator, and the process acceleration also increases our customers’ ability to deliver,” Riccardi said.

Not limited to direct printing

The P5 TEX iSUB is flexible in its application and can also print on transfer papers, which can then be used in print production in their usual way.

Durst says this ability – to print direct or to paper – means the press gives users “enormous flexibility”.

Direct fusing

The P5 TEX iSUB also has the ability to print using contactless fusing technology.

This functionality ensures excellent colour consistency as well as sharp detail in all images and text and the virtual elimination of blurring or bleeding of colour.

Durst says the press is a great choice for printing decorative fabrics with strong, brilliant colours and exact reproduction of details.

It is also well suited for flag production as it can show good print on both sides of the material without external calendaring.

Integrated finishing unit

Another plus on the automation front is the new press includes an integrated finishing unit.

This means it is possible to sew and stitch media on the integrated unit.

What is driving growth in soft signage?

Durst says environmental friendliness through the use of water-based, odourless inks is one of the key drivers of soft signage print production.

Others include cost efficiency in logistics and low ink consumption as well as fast project implementation on a wide range of applications.

“Durst has been active in the soft signage market since 2010, and we have been able to place over 250 systems from the Rhotex series on the market worldwide,” says Christian Harder, Vice President Sales, Durst Group AG.

To learn more about the new P5 TEX iSUB, please view the below video recorded by Durst:

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