ProPrint Footy Tipping Challenge: week 26

In the last round before the finals, a bevy of NRL tipsters got seven points but they were all held back from a perfect round by the Roosters’ thrashing of the Storm.

ProPrint Footy Tipping Challenge: week 24

Rugby League favourites largely won their games, meaning plenty of perfect rounds for NRL tipsters, but the Swannies’ triumph over 2010 runners-up St Kilda caused upset in our AFL comp.

ProPrint Footy Tipping Challenge: week 21

The best score in this week’s NRL comp was split between two tipsters while a bevy of players in the AFL comp got nine points, including staff from GBC, Blue Star and Pageset.

ProPrint Footy Tipping Challenge: week 15

A trio of tipsters from CMYK Colour Online, Note Pad Manufacturers and PrintPack HR got top results in the AFL comp, while a Blue Star league fan got the only perfect round in the NRL.

ProPrint Footy Tipping Comp: week 14

A tipster from Blue Star got the sole perfect round in the NRL comp while the opposite was true in the AFL, where 11 tipsters picked eight from eight.

ProPrint Footy Tipping Challenge

Who didn’t get a perfect round in the NRL comp? Tipsters from Caxton Web, Fergies Print & Mail, Snap, Blue Star, Ligare, Who Printing, CPI and Good Impressions were all spot on, while it was a weaker week for our AFL tipsters.

ProPrint Footy Tipping Challenge

A week of upsets in the rugby league made it tough for tipsters, but there were good rounds from Theo Pettaras, Stockdale Printstaff and PMP, while two of the best in AFL went to Print Media Group and the Wiseman Institute.


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