Green-Loch automates finishing with CPI

The OMG Cucciolo T Compensating Stackers are easily moved between saddlebinding and perfect binding lines, where they automate the output and reduce the labour required to pack the finished products in boxes. They can handle up to 15,000 single books per hour from a saddlebinder, and stacks up to 70mm high from the trimmer on a perfect binding line.

At Green–Loch Reprographics, the stacker is attached to a saddlestitcher, and according to Tom Szabo, Green–Loch Reprographics managing director, has become a welcome addition to his finishing department.

“The OMG replaces at least one person in the finishing department. It doesn’t get sick and it doesn’t take time off, so it really ensures our productivity,” says Szabo.

“It also features accounting and batching systems, which makes our record keeping much more accurate. I did the maths on the machine and it made perfect sense to go with the OMG. In two years it will have basically paid for itself. In five years, we will have turned a tidy profit.”

The Cucciolo stacks books from A6 up to tabloid size and features a low speed ejector in the turntable, which ejects the books carefully, ensuring the stack remains correctly aligned during delivery. It also offers the advantages of having side joggers on three sides of the booklets; ejector speed adjustments for both directions; and adjustment for the opening and closing times of the mid-level gate, for the ejector starting time and the rotation of the turntable, which allows the turning of batches frequently. It is also possible to compose the stack with the last batch having a different number of copies compared to the previous ones.

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