Higher added value in a B2 press from Grafitec

For this series of machines commonly equipped with features such as semi-automatic plate loading, cocking or CIP4, the design engineers from Grafitec have introduced a number of new features and changes leading to a higher added value in the B2 format Polly presses.

The number of ink duct zones has been increased to 23 and the maximum image area has been enlarged to 510 x 735 mm.

The system allows several types of densitometers to be applied with customers able to choose between X-Rite and Techkon models.

The varnishing unit is fitted to achieve a high-quality improvement of the printed sheets with in-line dispersion coating. The coating unit is based on the principle of a Harris-Bruno chamber doctor blade and ensures even varnish application across the area of the full sheet.

The delivery is equipped with an advanced combination of IR and hot-air drying units from Grafix. The extended track of the delivered sheets allows for perfect drying results with printed and coated sheets.

Fast and comfortable fastening of the offset blanket to the cylinder is ensured by means of moulded offset blankets, thus eliminating the lengthy punching of the offset blanking prior to its fastening into the machine. The blankets are moulded in commonly used sections. Moulded coating blankets can also be used in the varnishing unit.

Automatic positioning and detachment of the dampening unit dip roller increases operator comfort. It also eliminates the risk of damage to the dip roller due to any potential omission or neglect during press operation. At the same time, the mak-ready time of the press is reduced.

The new control system has increased performance reserves, which have a positive impact on the machines’ stability and reliability at maximum printing speeds. All components are supplied by Bernecker Reiner. These are standard industrial modules characterised by high reliability.

The employment of control modules for registers, ductor and dampening unit made by a single manufacturer leads to improved total reliability of the electronic equipment fitted in the printing machine.

Easy maintenance and increased service life of the washing units is ensured through new industrial design of the nozzles.

The non-stop feeder allows the operator to replenish the feeder pile during normal printing operation of the press.

Thanks to non-stop delivery, it is possible to remove the pile from the delivery without the need to stop the machine. In addition, it provides the possibility to interlay pallets in the delivery pile under normal machine operation.

The press equipment will also include the modern and ergonomic punching unit from BEIL, which allows accurate punching of centre holes in the Bacher Control 2000 system as well as bending of the printing plate rear edge.

The unit is also equipped with CtP stop block ensuring accurate punching of printing plates prepared in the CtP.

The advances featured in the Polly Prestige 74 presses in the drupa 2004 version have a significant impact on four areas: printing quality, press efficiency, functional reliability and operator productivity.

Polly Performer 566
Similar to the B2-format series presses, the Polly Performer 566 in the A2 format will be equipped with an innovated system of Polly Control remote control, including the possibility of on-the-run adjustment of the diagonal register.

A dampener coater on the fifth printing unit has been added to the Polly Performer 566. In a simple manner, the last printing unit can be converted for in-line dispersion coating. It allows both partial and full-sheet coating.

The system is supplemented with a powerful circulation aggregate, which ensures varnish circulation and washing of the coating unit. A more efficient drying is provided by the Inkdry unit.

The Polly Performer 566 is also equipped with the side-lay function check, automatic inking unit and offset blanket washers, automatic control of the dampening unit dip roller and non-stop delivery.

The machine pre-gripper is fitted with new guiding elements with rollers, which prevents the sheet surface from being damaged during feeding.

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