Kurz’s unrivalled finishing effects

The possibilities for finishing packaging and labels are many and varied. There are inimitable, eye-catching effects, however, that can only be achieved by hot stamping, digital transfer or cold transfer. KURZ delivers irresistible designs for transfer finishing that enhance products and make them unique.

LUMAFIN® allows print underneath to shine through with great effect

The semi-transparent LUMAFIN® transfer product was developed by KURZ to give designers new creative possibilities for achieving a unique product appearance. This finishing product adds unusual accents to packaging and labels and can be used to produce designs that are surprisingly different and distinctive. LUMAFIN® produces a semi-transparent color transfer and allows the printed motifs underneath to shine through in a deeper or modified color. It overlays the print image like a glossy shimmering veil and makes it appear as if ‘at a depth’. As the viewing angle is changed, an eye-catching effect occurs: the semi-transparent varnish transforms into a high-gloss, metal-like reflective color. LUMAFIN® is available in a wide variety of standard colors and can also be produced in customer-specific colors. KURZ also offers a special product line with a bronze appearance for vintage effects. Furthermore, a fully transparent variant of LUMAFIN® also exists. In this case the transparent high gloss finish transforms into an iridescent white as the incident light changes, thereby allowing refined spot effects to be incorporated without the need for UV technology.

LIGHT LINE® catches the eye like magic

The LIGHT LINE® product line from KURZ contains diffractive designs that produce vivid light effects. The refraction reveals itself as a glitter, sparkle or shimmer, as a flowing rainbow color play, or as a sharp color change. These striking color and movement effects are a real eye-catcher on the retail shelf and attract the attention of the consumer. The new stars among the LIGHT LINE® designs are the White Series and New Classics product lines. LIGHT LINE® White Series delivers depth and movement effects in elegant gray and white tones. The discreet color choice directs the focus to the interplay of structures and light. LIGHT LINE® New Classics combines diffractive patterns with a holographic depth effect in a completely new way. The classic lens or confetti motifs exhibit a surprising shape and structure.

TRUSTSEAL® SFX creates a fascinating spatial illusion

TRUSTSEAL® SFX is a holographic transfer product with a remarkably real 3D effect. The motif appears to be raised and seems to protrude out of the surface. The relief is so three-dimensional that the viewer feels an involuntary urge to touch it. On packaging and labels, TRUSTSEAL® SFX designs awaken the interest of the consumer and invite them to examine the product more closely. This design element is predestined for use with brand logos and lettering and significantly increases the distinctiveness of the brand. Gold or silver motifs make products appear luxurious and within reach. Transparent TRUSTSEAL SFX designs conjure up shimmering soap bubbles or water drops on ‘no-label-look’ labels. These kinds of optical effects add value, are memorable, and increase brand recognition.


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