Xerox DocuColor 8000AP

What does the machine do?
Our new DocuColor 8000AP prints up to 80 pages per minute (ppm) on any weight stock. We can also consistently duplex stock as heavy as 350gsm. It also prints at 2,400dpi as opposed to litho, which effectively prints at only 1,200dpi.

Why did you choose this particular machine?

Quite simply the DocuColor 8000AP was far superior to anything else we’ve seen on the market. We’ve used Xerox for a number of years so it’s what we know. The quality is superb and they’re easy to maintain so it was a natural step up.

Did you look at any other similar machines?
Yes, we looked at both the Canon ImagePress C7000VP and Konica Minolta’s bizhub Pro 6500. The Canon didn’t give us the finish we were after, and the quality on the Konica wasn’t as good.
What features do you particularly like?
Although it isn’t recommended, we can duplex 350gsm stock through it without any hassle. We really like that as it gives us tremendous versatility on the jobs we take on. It doesn’t ever seem to slow down either which helps our turnaround times when printing jobs. You can also change the toner while the machine is running, which is also very beneficial.

Is there anything that you dislike?
There is nothing in particular I can think of. It has achieved all my expectations.

Is there anything that you wish it had that it doesn’t?
If it had a roll feed facility that would be great for odd shaped jobs. Apart from that it ticks all my boxes.

How fast is it?
We have an excellent turnaround time with the 80ppm throughput. We can easily print off 10,000 A5 double-sided 4/4 flyers in just 90 minutes.

How reliable is it?
Very reliable. We haven’t needed to change the drums since it was installed and more than 150,000 prints have already been put through it. I’ve attended Xerox’s Ad­vance Customer Training course, so I can maintain the machine without having to call in an engineer should it go down. 

What’s the quality like?
Brilliant. It was one of the main reasons we took it onboard. It prints at 2,400dpi and even on the standard settings, it still beats the competition. 

How easy is it to use?
For us, it’s been a very simple step up from our DocuColor 5252. Because of our familiarity of the Xerox range, the transition hasn’t been a problem and we’ve only had to learn some of the new features of the 8000AP, which takes a few hours of training.

How much time or money has it saved?
With its speed it’s definitely helped us get jobs done quicker than in the past and this gives us more time to do additional work that before would have taken us longer to do.

Would you say that it offers value for money?
It’s probably too early to give a definitive answer but we’ve paid for the fastest and latest Xerox technology. That has helped us with our work and the fact we can get work printed more quickly definitely adds value to our service.

Were there any difficulties experienced during the installation or after?

The actual installation of the machine was simple and easy. A few bolts needed tightening here and there but you will get that with any machine. The only difficulty for me was getting used to the new Fiery Software. After I played with it and set it up, I didn’t experience any major hang ups.
What about the pre- and after-sale service?
The supplier, Xeretec, has been top drawer from start to finish. I would definitely recommend them.

Who do you think the machine is right for?
Any commercial digital printer who prints trade work would benefit from having this equipment. The quality is un-matched in my opinion and the speed of it gives you tremendous leverage in getting business and securing a profitable future.

User’s verdict    
Speed 4/5
Quality 4/5
Reliability 4/5
Value for money 4/5

Supplier’s response     
Warren Beard, production director at Xeretec, says: “Wizard was keen to find a solution that supported their increase in print volumes and local reputation as a high-quality and fast-turnaround print provider. The DocuColor 8000AP supported Wizard winning a lucrative contract which needed them to run various media stocks at speed, as well as handling heavyweight applications such as cover stocks perfected automatically at 300gsm. The 8000AP ticked all the boxes and we were able to easily integrate it in to their existing workflow, which includes a DocuColor 5252.”
Price on application
Contact Xeretec 0800 216 641

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