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Increasing freight costs results in global Fujifilm price increase

Prices of its offset printing plates, processing chemicals, PWB films and inks have increased by a double-digit percentage as a result of increasing freight costs

Vale: Bokay Signage’s Bob Meade

Meade was a well-respected industry veteran by all those who knew him and was known by his colleagues as a larger-than-life personality

Sold out: Melbourne Women in Print breakfast

As the national round of 2021 breakfasts prepare to kick-off this week, Melbourne organisers have announced their event is now sold out

Seven over 70: Terry Mulcahy

Terry Mulcahy may have left the print space but he still holds on the values that he believed in during his time in the industry

Europoles MD Peter Wagener in Leukaemia Foundation 12-hour walk

Peter Wagener is preparing to walk from Perth to Mandurah on June 5 in the hope it will raise $100,000 for Leukaemia Foundation research

Starleaton installs Zünd S3 digital cutter at Mezographic

The Zünd S3 is Mezographic’s latest acquisition, adding to its digital cutting fleet as the business continues to build on its digital cutting capabilities

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