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Change in the industry is a result of two innovation movements: Alfred Zollar

Looks into his crystal globe and talks about how these movements can be used to grow business

Sign and display conference to coincide with Visual Impact

Inaugural event is being launched by the Australian Sign and Graphics Association and FESPA Australia

Foxcil trials four-day working week

Higher productivity and a lift in mental health among Foxcil staff expected during the trial

Price cutting blamed for Protectaprint’s troubles

Industry blames unsustainable pricing for the financial woes of Melbourne’s Protectaprint

EFI makes enhancements to its productivity software suite

EFI’s Nick Benkovich identifies new software developments at Connect

Xerox preparing to stack HP board: Wall Street Journal

The Xerox-HP saga continues with reports Xerox is planning to nominate up to 11 directors to HP’s board

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