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Sprinter is Australia’s leading printing industry news, information and technology hub powered by the respected and long-running Australian Printer and ProPrint magazines.

Speed to market matters and Sprinter delivers news fast.

Business owners trust Sprinter as a reliable and trustworthy information source when navigating an ever-changing landscape where diversification, streamlining and innovation are a must for survival.

Sprinter covers all aspects of print in Australia and the businesses that operate in it, from the ASX-listed heavy hitters to the mum and dad print shops.

Covering print from all standpoints including policy, finance, the environment, technology and innovation, Sprinter, as an independently-owned publication, reports without fear or favour. Its coverage takes in all aspects of the sector from offset, digital, wide format, 3D, signage and display and textile printing.

Sprinter is also the home of the widely read and trusted Buyer’s Guides and Technology Guides, of Australian Printer and ProPrint, regularly referred to when investment decisions are being made.

Magazine features, taking deep dives into business models, acquisitions, and installations, can also be found on Sprinter.

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Sprinter is published by the Printer Media Group, a division of leading Australian B2B publisher The Intermedia Group.