APM is moving ahead

APM (New Zealand) Limited has been operating since late last year, and has been making a positive impact on the graphic arts scene.

“We suffered a really bad setback last year over something that shouldn’t have happened, but we’re back and we’re selling equipment,” Alex Peters says.

“We were in business for 15 years before last year’s setback and I have been in the industry since I started my apprenticeship in 1967. That’s a total of 37 years in the Printing Industry. This industry is all I know. The industry as a whole has been good to me and I believe I have served it well. Our new company slogan reads ’Committed to the Business of Print’ and we are still here doing just that.”

Peters says they continue to work with many companies they have worked with in the past and are working on a range of deals at the moment.

“The industry has been very supportive. Sadly some people like to see outfits like ours take a big hit, but generally most people have been really good. One of our past customers supplied and printed all our new stationery free of charge, another customer offered to print our Christmas cards which we normally send each year, free of charge, however we didn’t send any out
this year, but look for our Christmas cards this Christmas. APM has had some significant installations in the latter part of last year and early this
year, both within NZ and for export.”

In November, the company exported a five colour Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 with coater to Thailand and a four colour Speedmaster 72 to India. In December they exported and installed a Heidelberg Quickmaster 46 two colour to Norfolk Island and a fully rebuilt Heidelberg GTOZP52 two colour to Samoa. They also exported three 40 foot containers and one 20 foot container of equipment from a Business Forms company in Auckland to Indonesia and three machines in a 20 foot container to Bangladesh as well as a four colour Komori Sprint to Malaysia.

In New Zealand, APM sold a Koenig and Bauer Condor 102cm diecutter to TTL Pacific Limited; a 1999 Polar 92ED to Perfection Print and a five-colour GTO to Gainsborough, who are using it as a specialised UV machine.

A 1998 five colour Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74 is one of APM’s most recent sales, sold under the new Brokerage Service that they offer and due for installation in
Wellington this month. They have also supplied a highly sophisticated Taiwanese manufactured Optical Plate Punch for which APM has aquired the agency.

Colin McGinley of The Print Shop bought a machine off Alex Peters Machinery installed early September 2003. He admits he was concerned after hearing rumours of the company’s problems. But he says there was no need to worry.

“Everything Alex said he was going to do has been fulfilled,” McGinley says.

“With the machinery and the warranty, he has really looked after us. We haven’t had any problems and we don’t anticipate any problems.”

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