Australians prefer catalogues for alcohol

New data from Roy Morgan shows 38 per cent of Australians find printed catalogues to be the most useful media when purchasing alcoholic beverages, and the most popular medium used to make choices ahead of others such as the internet and newspapers.

Catalogues were ranked as more useful than internet search which came in at 22 per cent of Australians surveyed, other websites with 10 per cent, newspapers at 4.2 per cent, television with 3.4 per cent, magazines with 1.7 per cent, and both radio and the Yellow Pages with 0.7 and 0.4 per cent respectively.

Aldi had the most read catalogue in an average seven day period across both liquor store and supermarket catalogues. Around 28.8 per cent of Australians read an Aldi catalogue in an average seven days in 2017. Its rivals, supermarkets Coles and Woolworths, had 28 per cent and 26.6 per cent respectively. 

PMP prints the Coles and Aldi catalogues, while IVE prints for Woolworths.

More than half of Aldi catalogue readers in a seven day period find catalogues the media most useful for purchasing alcoholic beverages.

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Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan says, “Catalogues are the media most useful when purchasing alcohol, with 38 per cent of respondents in the Roy Morgan Single Source survey agreeing that they are the preferred media  when making a decision about where to buy alcohol, far ahead of Internet, as well as newspapers, television, magazines, radio, and the Yellow Pages.

“With alcoholic beverages featuring in both the large supermarket catalogues as well as the liquor stores, including Liquourland, BWS, and First Choice Liquor, the space is highly competitive when offering choices to consumers. Whether there are the lowest offers on beer, wine, cider, or spirits, or when supermarkets offer a frictionless option to purchase alcohol along with groceries, catalogues are the most useful when consumers shop around for alcohol.

“Aldi has the most read catalogue in Australia, and in this highly competitive liquor market has gone on to win the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award for Liquor Store of the Year last year. Whether its access to award winning and well-priced wines, or streamlining between their liquor store and the supermarket, Aldi is one to watch out for in these increasingly competitive supermarket and liquor space.”

The survey also shows more women agree catalogues are the most useful media for purchasing alcohol, with 43 per cent of women choosing catalogues compared to 34 per cent of men. Older age groups were the most likely to view catalogues as the most useful media for purchasing for 47 per cent of 50-64 year olds and 41 per cent of 35-49 year olds. 

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