Smartech Business Systems partners with Canon Production Printing

Vincent Nair CEO Smartech (left) with Craig Nethercott managing director Canon Production Printing.

Expanding on the continued success of the Colorado M Series, Canon Production Printing has partnered with Smartech Business Systems to support its expansion in the large-format graphic industry.

Craig Nethercott, managing director of Canon Production Printing Oceania, said teaming up with Smartech means partnering with a company that measures success on customer and employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Operating globally across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and North America, Smartech’s customer-centric focus is on local, on-the-ground support, technology, and service. In 2023, the Australian Business Council recognised the company as an Employer of Choice.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration to support our expansion in the large-format graphic industry,” says Nethercott.

With over 100 years of relative history in Australia, Smartech Business Systems is an established global industry leader provider of Mailing and Automation solutions, large-format and Print Finishing, Education, and Office solutions.

Vincent Nair, executive chair and CEO of Smartech Business Systems, says this partnership with Canon Production Printing represents a pivotal moment for Smartech, notably for Canon’s innovative gel technology offering, the basis for the new Colorado M-Series.

“As we look to deepen our footprint in the printing industry, Canon’s innovative UV gel technology combined with our extensive network and expertise promises to bring unmatched value to our customers,” Nair says.

“Canon’s proprietary UV gel technology has been hugely successful in both local and overseas markets and produces diverse solutions across multiple industries without compromising quality, cost, or efficiency,” says Nethercott.

Nair says Smartech is excited to integrate Canon’s groundbreaking solutions into its offerings to deliver efficiency and quality.

“Together, we are set to redefine the standards of the large-format graphics market and drive forward with a shared vision of excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a leap towards creating lasting impact in how businesses approach printing solutions,’ Nair concludes.

One industry veteran who wanted to remain anonymous contacted Sprinter following the announcement and made the following observation.

“It is always interesting to see companies like Smartech growing with the Agfa announcement and now the Canon announcement. I believe Smartech has other potential future aspirations in the market. It will be interesting to see whether in the long term customers in the current market prefer to deal with distributors or prefer the consistency and longevity from dealing directly with manufacturers.”

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