EFI launches new Best products

The integration of Adobe PostScript 3 with these Best proofing products has added an over-printing function and they can now support in-rip separation for composite workflows and two-byte fonts. The integration further allows EFI to react quickly to new developments by PostScript inventor Adobe and to integrate these into its Best products. For example, Version 5.0 fully supports PDF standards PDF/X1, PDF/X1a and PDF/X3.

Also new in Version 5.0 is the Best LinTool, a toolbox for linearisation and relinearisation of output devices. Best LinTool interfaces with spectrometers from leading manufacturers and, in some cases, can also be used on a visual basis. The user-friendly interface facilitates the linearisation process, which is explained by an accompanying help function. As measurements are not based on density values but rather on the Lab color space, Best LinTool achieves exceptional results with the gray axis remaining stable in the reproduction process. Communication between Best LinTool and the proofing and photo product is carried out via JDF.

EFI is introducing the new rendering intent “Absolutely Perceptual” as part of Version 5.0. This rendering intent, which is operated by the integrated Best/EFI-CMM, combines the paper white simulation of the absolute rendering intent with the color treatment of a perceptual rendering intent. This way even photographers can enjoy paper-white simulation.

Three selectable rip resolutions serve to accelerate the rip processes. The print resolution of the output device remains unchanged, while the processing speed is noticeably increased. The resulting differences in quality are minimal and mostly unnoticeable in image data.

These fifth generation products now make it possible to define customised special color gradations. The dot gain for each special color can be taken into account in this process. There are also setting options for the composite printing of special colors with process colors and other special colors.

Further innovations include support of eight-bit palettes and 24-bit RGB in Windows BMP format. Support of several previously unsupported native, one-bit data formats has been added to Best Screenproof, the Best solution for screen proofing. In addition, compatibility with the PageBuffer format from Harlequin, the Len format from Esko Graphics, the Founder format from Founder and the PCX format, has also been added to Best Screenproof.

EFI’s Version 5.0 products are compatible with over 50 printer models from Agfa, Canon, Encad, Epson, Hewlett Packard, OKI and Roland. Printer support for PictroProof from Fujifilm is available as an option for Best Colorproof and Best Screenproof. Best Colorproof, Best Screenproof and Best PhotoXposure require a PC with the Windows 2000 Server or XP Server operating systems, a CD or DVD drive and a free USB connection. For Best Colorproof and Best PhotoXposure, the manufacturer recommends a processor of 1GHz or more and memory of 256MB or greater. A dual processor of 2GHz upward and 512MB of RAM for Best Screenproof is recommended.

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