Enfocus releases PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 2020

Enfocus, a business unit division of Esko, has released new prepress software PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 2020 which it says offers new innovations, automation possibilities, new preflight checks and fixes and specific tools for working with vector graphics.

Enfocus has created these software improvements based on customer feedback in a bid to keep PitStop as a “must-have” for print service providers.

“PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 2020 will release a long list of new features and improvements. The feature set offers new innovations, new automation possibilities, new Preflight checks and fixes, and specific new tools for working with vector graphics. Customer feedback has driven many of these advancements, helping Enfocus keep PitStop in its position as a must-have for print service providers,” Andrew Bailes-Collilns, senior product manager, Enfocus said.

Computer Vision capability

A new highlight of the patent pending technology is Computer Vision.

Enfocus says this technique enables PitStop Pro and Server to “see” the visual content of a PDF file meaning it can look for images and graphical shapes like logos and check if they are present or absent in a PDF file.

The company says this has very special value when files have particular legal or design restrictions such as a corporate identity or compliance rules.

“The new computer vision functionality and ability to trace rasters to vectors are invaluable additions to Enfocus PitStop. PitStop 2020 will allow us further enhance PDF quality checks and fixes throughout our business,” said Matthew Kay, Workflow Specialist, Bluetree Group, Rotherham, United Kingdom.

Tracing rastors to vectors

Also new in PitStop 2020 is  the ability to trace raster elements to create a vector shape.

Enfocus says customers will find this valuable when creating varnishes, underprints or digital cutting paths.

“With trace object and custom swatch palette, Enfocus has absolutely taken Pitstop to the next level. Now I can vectorize a logo for paths, offset my path, save custom registration and Thru-Cut swatches, and have a scaleable, printable ready for finishing file – all with out leaving PitStop,”  Amybeth Menendez, Print Workflows Assistant Manager, Macmillan Publishers, New York, said.

Other highlights

Enfocus says PitStop 2020 can also overlay and merge one PDF document onto another to make a single document, while using variables for placement, resizing and opacity options.

“If someone has not thanked you to the ends of the earth for Overlay PDF, they should. Just so you understand how big of a deal this is: we receive in PDFs from our design team on the east coast. We spend countless hours creating an InDesign script that would output 3 different PDFs, one for each version. Now, I can take their ONE pdf and go through Switch to give me all three! This is HUGE. One file can become sized, die added, and colors called out in about 3 seconds,” said Chris Prough, Director, Domestic Platform Digital/Graphics Processing, Innovairre Communications, Iowa.

Find and replace text is being added as Action List feature in PitStop 2020 which Enfocus says is one of the most commonly requested features by customers. 

The Find and Replace function allows users to automate search and replace text operations using variables in PitStop Pro and PitStop Server.

It also offers a new check for bleed as it works using a page-based approach as opposed to an object-based technology used in older versions. Additionally Adding copied graphics and adding pages will be able to be accomplished using variables which greatly increases the automation possibilities in PitStop Server, especially when used in a Switch environment. 

“For me Enfocus PitStop 2020 is not an upgrade it is an evolution. It brings Preflight to the next level. A must have, not only for printing companies, but especially also for Large Format Printing,” Degrande Koen, Support Engineer, Igepa Belux nv, Aalter, Belgium said.

For more information visit: https://www.enfocus.com/en/pitstop-pro/new-features


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