Excel Australasia installs solar panels

Print and software solutions company Excel Australasia has installed solar panels, which now provide all its electricity needs.

The company says the feedback from staff and customers since the installation has been immense, and that it has played a part in securing new work, while lowering energy costs.

Ken Williams, CEO, Excel Australia says, “Printing is a big part of the company, but we also have software systems that tie them in. With solar power, what we effectively have is artwork generation and pagination bring run by the sun.

“We have clients ordering 24/7 and it is being generated by the sun, as the servers are run completely off the power of the solar panels.

“We also have a feed-in from us to the grid that happens primarily on the weekend, Sundays and most of Saturday. So that is two days out of seven we are supplying to the grid.”

Next to come is a battery system, soon to be delivered, which will guarantee the supply of power even in adverse conditions.

Williams explains, “We have the benefit of cost savings today, but more importantly, it is future proofing against the rising energy costs plaguing our industry.

“Internal staff culture benefits significantly. As a company we are focused on our culture and team culture, and it has had a positive effect on the team as a whole.

“The next part is the effect it has had on our customers.  Cost savings are key, but more importantly is revenue generating benefits. When our customers see that we have taken steps to go solar, they interpret that as a reason as to why do business with our company.

“If there are two identical proposals with little between them, and one cares more for the environment, taking positive steps to lower their carbon footprint, you are differentiating yourself, particular among Gen Y and Gen X.

“Customers we have had for 20 years see our Instagram post and call us to say well done, great doing that, and we are glad we are doing business with you.

“Going back to the economics, the economics of solar power today make it viable. That is something our industry needs to look at. It is also a great opportunity for our industry to be seen taking a positive stance. We are very misplaced by the effect people believe we have on the environment. But what we do is an environmentally positive thing, which people do not see.

“Looking at solar, alternative energy is a positive thing. We can be seen to be making a difference to the environment, even in a small way.

“Our industry as a whole, there are so many opportunities. We have to stop thinking about printing like it is the 1950s and think in the 21st century.

“You have to be seen about thinking about the environment if you want the best staff. Social and environmental responsibility play a big part in recruiting talent.”

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