Eye Spy installs Durst Rho 163

Tasmanian sign printer Eye Spy Signs (Eye Spy) has installed the latest Durst Rho 163, as it moves from screen printing to digitally printing roadside signs.


John Howard, owner, Eye Spy says, “We had a need to increase our efficiencies. The Durst was predominately purchased to enable us to use the new technology to print road signs, 3M and Durst have been working in partnership to develop the inks that the machine uses, which deliver a 12 year minimum service life.


“Traditional digital ink processes would all fall short by many years, but this system is a world leader.


“Road signage is a significant part of our business, but we are also general signage contractors, and manufacture and install. We do a variety of things from real estate signs, to illuminated signs, but traffic signage and related signage, like road works makes up 50 per cent of our turnover.


“We are one of the bigger road sign printers in Tasmania, and traditionally have set the pace.


“The Durst has been up and running for a couple of weeks, and is producing good quality output, and we are happy with it. It is in full-production mode, and we are using its full range of abilities.


“It will open up new applications, but it is too early to cite examples. Once we have it settled, we are going to expand our range, with printed tapes and the like, all on 3M reflective sheeting. In addition, the Durst is setup to do flatbed printing. We have run corflute signage through it with success.


“Six months ago we invested in a Zund 3100×1800 flatbed cutter, and the output from the Durst can go straight into the Zund to be cut up. The efficiencies that offers is incredible.


“We are working with 3M to install an ultrasonic horn cutter, which will allow us to cut reflective sheeting and edge seal the cut at the same time. If you have a close look at reflective sheeting, it is made up of a matrix of cells. If you cut letter shapes out of it, it exposes the edge, which can get contaminated, so after a while the lettering gets a dirty edge to it, and this process eliminates that.


“The Rho  assists with mass-production, but on the same hand it is good for printing to order. We might get an order from council, and we can nest the job up and just print their signs. We used to screen print or make my hand, with screen printing you don’t just print one sign, you might do a run of 30, 50, 100. What the install means we can print just one of this, or two of that, meaning our stock levels are lower, and we have a beneficial effect on cash flow.


“I wanted the best in the world, which is why I picked the Rho 163 TS. This is our first Durst, we have seen them in operation on the mainland, and did a bit of research, which showed us it is the absolute pinnacle of digital printing for our purpose, for quality and value for money.”


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