Hexis Pure Zone anti-bac film COVID-19 certified

The Pure Zone anti-bacterial adhesive film manufactured by French firm, Hexis, has now received independent certification that it can combat the viral load of coronaviruses including COVID-19.

Hexis Australia managing director Ian Parsonson told Sprinter the film is already widely used in Australia, particularly in public spaces including medical centres, museums and on public transport systems.

Hexis Australia managing director Ian Parsonson

He said it has now gained certification from French lab, UB’L2, for its ability to combat the viral load of coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2, including COVID-19.

A statement from Hexis said the certification has proven the films provide 24-hour continuous preventive protection against bacterial and coronaviruses, making them perfect for use in areas requiring high levels of hygiene.

“It has been found to reduce the efficacy of the virus by 72 per cent within the first hour,” Parsonson told Sprinter.

Parsonson says Pure Zone has been selling extremely well in Western Australia, with Perth railways now using the product on all of its lines on major touchpoints as well as the Perth Museum.

“It is used primarily on door handles, touch screens and fridge handles in convenience stores and petrol stations,” he said, adding the product was first invented by Hexis in collaboration with the Nice University Hospital in France to kill off staf and e-coli in operating theatres.

“It is a clear laminate so you would print and then laminate over the top. The laminate has all the silver ions in its surface.”

How it works

The Pure Zone adhesive films contain silver ions.

When these silver ions are put in contact with humidity, they are activated from the surface layer and will quickly block and inhibit microbes. Hexis says this process limits their proliferation between two cleaning and disinfection protocols.

The films are intended to protect surfaces that come in direct contact with humans including medical environments, public transport, school, colleges and universities, cafes, bars, hotels and other establishments open to the public.

To review the certification provided to Hexis and other information, please click here.

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