Perfect match: Horizon Graphics acquires Allmad  

Adam Mezz, the owner of long-time Sydney trade coatings supplier, Horizon Graphics, has acquired mounting and die cutting specialist, Allmad, with all staff and equipment now located at Horizon’s new and larger factory in Chatswood.

Discussions between Mezz and Allmad owner Shawn Ballesty had been taking place over the last few years but with Mezz purchasing a larger factory the time was right to make the move and bring the Allmad business into the Horizon Graphics family.

The decision made sense to both Mezz and Ballesty as their services complement each other and they already shared a significant number of customers.

Over the years Mezz had noted that many customers were collecting their spot UV work from Horizon and then taking the jobs to Allmad for mounting or die cutting. The acquisition will save customers from having to complete this step with all work now able to be done under one roof in Chatswood.

“About 70 per cent of my customers were also using Allmad so it was very attractive that way as an add-on and it means Horizon Graphics has become more of a one-stop shop,” Mezz told Sprinter.

“We timed it all pretty well which was great for both Shawn and I. Horizon Graphics has now bought the company, all the equipment and Shawn and his team have come across bringing their knowledge and expertise.”

Mezz, who was an apprentice at Horizon Graphics before buying the previous owner out 12 years ago, says the decision to buy another business, and prior to that a factory, was a major step for him but he is happy with his decision.

“There is an attraction to expanding but the biggest part for me is renewing Horizon and extending what we do. There is also a passion with the name Horizon Graphics, and I want to see it here in 20, 30 or 40 years when I retire. I would be very proud to see this business is here for a long time whether I am here or not. I’ve devoted my whole life to this business, and I love it,” he said.

The move has doubled his employees from three to six and he hopes this will safeguard the future of Horizon Graphics as it brings expanded services and extra staff.

“It’s almost like we’ve got another division now inside Horizon Graphics which satisfies all of our customers. Shawn had a very reputable business, and we can now add-on services like screen board mounting with flutes or B flutes. And then there is the die cutting service because all his machinery came across,” he said.

“It is all going very smoothly. Everybody is working well together and getting along well. There are two divisions now, but it does not feel like it, it is a very open operation and certainly doesn’t feel separate. Everyone works alongside one another and if one division is a bit slow, we’ll go and help the others and vice versa. It’s also about filling a gap as well – if one of the guys or girls is sick, we can fill that spot, so everything just becomes more efficient.”

Under the changes Horizon Graphics now has a fully automatic mounting machine that can mount light papers (up to 200 gsm) onto thicker substrates including corrugated boards, B Flute, E Flute as well as screen boards.

“This is really useful for printers who can’t print direct onto their substrates because they are too thick,” Mezz said.

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