Indy Griffiths wins WorldSkills

Indy Griffiths of NSW-based Style Communications has won the biennial WorldSkills competition in Graphic Design, and is now the Australian champion.


Griffiths is now in the process of waiting to find out if she will be representing Australia in the international WorldSkills competition, taking place in Russia.


The future of women in print is looking strong, with Griffiths beating out silver medallist Taylah O’Brien of Hansen Design and Print to win. The LIA National Graduate of the Year award was also won by a woman, Chloe Rudd, who beat out nine other contenders including Sarah Kennedy from Colorcorp in QLD, Laura Burgett from Spatial Services in NSW, and Jayd Kiely from APN Print in NSW.


Griffiths says, “It was so exciting. I didn’t think I had a chance once I started talking to the other competitors on the day. Standing on the podium was a very surreal experience.


“The head judges are currently talking about whether I will be taken to Russia to compete. Hopefully I will, because I would really love to represent Australia.


“I know there are a lot of factors like availability, attitude, in some of the categories the second place person will fight out for that position. I just know they are sorting out whether they will take a graphic designer, so I am waiting with fingers crossed to hear back.”


As for the experience of competing in the competition under scrutiny, Griffiths says, “It was pretty scary having so many people watching me work, which was a new experience for me, but it was also exciting because a lot of people never see the process of graphic design, they just see the end result.


“We do not get personal feedback, we just get a marking sheet. I was encouraged along the way saying my work really stood out, and my work ethic as well.”


Griffiths work ethic is indisputable, with the winner working freelance while completing her Graphic Design course at Tafe, joining Style Communications in November.


She explains, “I started the regional competition when I was studying at Tafe, and that has gone over two and a bit years.


“I am from Sydney, won the regional competition, then went to the national competition for NSW as part of the Sydney region team.


“I have been freelancing from the start of my degree, doing little jobs here and there before studying, maintained that throughout the course and still do that now.”


“There are a lot of people who try to do graphic design without being officially trained, but the skills you learn as so priceless. I recommend going to Tafe, it is the perfect way to study hands on like Graphic Design.”


Shayna Price, managing director, Style Communications says, “I am so proud of her, she is amazing, and a very skilled girl, and I am very lucky to have her. She has done an amazing job.'


“I have been in the industry for 22 years, and like to be able to take on graduates coming out, giving them a stepping stone. All the universities, colleges, Tafe, do not offer a print module in the courses. When they go into corporate roles, or elsewhere they need the print experience before people look at them.


“I like giving them their break in the industry and a stepping stone so they can move into those areas.


“I always look for the keenest to get into the industry, some have ideals and dreams that aren’t realistic, but others are more realistic, and have goals and stepping stones in their career path.


“It is essential in their growth and development that they have a plan. Skills get learned as you practice them.


“I also look for people that are organised. The more organised in their computer skills, the better they design because they have the freedom of not having to stress around them.”


Style Communications is based in Mona Vale, Sydney. Price says, “I purchased the business outright 10 years ago, I have been with the company for 22 years out of its 33 year existence.

“We are an instant digital print business also offering offset, we do everything copy, signs, style and print."

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