KM Australia commits to helping customers grow in 2023

Konica Minolta Australia has committed to helping its production print (PP) and industrial print (IP) customers grow their businesses through additional investments, products, and solutions that it will launch in 2023.

The company said the PP/IP market continues to play a key part of its strategy in Australia, with the business focused on continuing to build on its commitment to customers through innovation, consulting, and service and support backed by its local leadership team.

This includes its managing director Yohei Konaka, general manager of production and industrial print Andrew Cocker and recently appointed chief sales officer, Dean Hosking.

“Konica Minolta, Inc. (KMI) has a huge commitment to the PP/IP industry going forward. In the next 12 months, there is a lot in the pipeline for this space, which will filter through to customers in Australia to benefit from,” Konaka said.

“In the commercial print space, customers are requesting more complex and customised demands that require short run production and personalisation, which means commercial printers need to transform to survive.

“Konica Minolta continues to bring solutions to the market to address these challenges as well as ensuring its staff are trained, resourced, and visible through key partnerships, industry support, and trade shows.”

Cocker said, “Konica Minolta has seen a post-COVID boom in PP/IP as it helped customers navigate through the pandemic and open new revenue streams and opportunities for diversification. This has seen customers adopt short run and personalised offerings, embellishment, wide format, packaging, and label options”.

Despite the opportunities, there are still challenges, particularly with skills shortages across the industry.

Konica Minolta said this means that innovations that improve productivity and efficiency are critical and that automation is a key way that commercial printers can counter the talent shortage and ensure that its people are working on the right tasks.

One solution offered by Konica Minolta is the Intelligent Quality Optimiser (IQ-501), available on several devices, that automates print jobs to ensure the highest print quality, optimal image position, registration, and colour control for every job.

With its high productivity and versatile automation, the IQ-501 is tailored to suit the demands of short-run production and fast turnaround times. This technology enables customers to reallocate their employees to more valuable tasks while the IQ-501 ensures quality finishes.

Hosking said, “Konica Minolta Australia’s goal is to help customers diversify from and recognise new revenue stream opportunities in the space. PP/IP can be transformative for businesses, so for the Konica Minolta team it’s about helping customers find success in new areas”.

Cocker added, “The team is committed to putting this expertise to great use in 2023, providing customers with strategic consultation to identify areas for growth and diversification in their businesses.

“As always, this will be backed by the exceptional service and support Konica Minolta customers have come to expect. This is an area we will continue to invest in, looking at ways that we can offer even better service to further improve customer satisfaction. The PP and IP industry will play an important role in Konica Minolta’s success in 2023 and we look forward to our customer’s success being a key driver”.

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