Kodak Sonora X Process Free Plate

Environmental benefits: Kodak’s Sonora X Process Free Plate

Kodak says the Sonora X Process Free Plate is the plate the print industry has been waiting for. It combines all the cost and environmental benefits of eliminating plate processing with the productivity and robustness of an unbaked processed plate. Kodak says its plate scientists have made it their mission to develop a process free plate that will work for nearly everyone. They say they have succeeded with this breakthrough enabling up to 80 per cent of offset printers to eliminate plate processing.
The company says the Sonora X plates also deliver significantly longer run lengths, faster imaging speeds, and more robust handling capabilities than other process free plates, matching the performance of unbaked wet processed plates in a wide variety of applications and print environments.

The plates can achieve long run lengths of up to 400,000 impressions on web presses and 200,000 impressions on sheetfed presses. Kodak says they are also ideal for UV and low-energy UV applications, achieving run lengths of up to 75,000 impressions.
It also says the plates are very robust and can be handled just like a processed plate due to the product having an improved scratch resistance compared to other process free plates.
The required laser energy for the plates is 120 mJ/cm2, allowing all but the very fastest platesetters to achieve maximum productivity. Kodak says by eliminating the processing step and variability, printers can get to press even faster.
Depending on the capability of the imaging device, it also says the plates are able to offer up to 450 lpi and 20-micron FM. Also, eliminating the variability of processing enables printers to manage quality and colour consistency more easily.
Kodak says now just about any printer can increase the sustainability and productivity of their business with the Sonora X Plates.

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