Konica Minolta launch new entity down under

The company celebrated upon the motor launch Zen on Sydney Harbour, and also took the opportunity to officially welcome Frank Mellish as the company’s new marketing director.

Norihiko Oba, Konica Minolta Australia managing director, says, “Both companies have a very long history in an amazing field, with their cameras, film, photocopiers, printers and optics, etc. Total turnover is estimated to be around $60bn, and we have set our sights on being number one in our field.

“Number one position may seem like a bit of a dream, but it is not. Konica and Minolta held fourth and fifth position. Our names are very well known and we are responsible for many unique technologies in the world today, but now with the merger we are in a much stronger position, and we are ready to be the leader in the global sense.”

Oba also stressed the importance that the company has now placed on providing open channels of communication between its customers and itself, and believes that this will be a welcome part of its business for both customers and its shareholders. He also believes that the appointment of Mellish will serve to drive the company forward locally, saying, “He will bring a lot of new ideas and contribution to our marketing to help make us the leader in this industry”.

Mellish says, “The merger for me, since I am only just starting, is the beginning of a journey. I am really excited to be taking our customers and the market along with us to our new position, which is currently number two and aiming higher. I am very excited to be a part of this journey and am looking forward to what is to come.”

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