Neopost AS-970C Mach5

Tell us about your business

Cheque-Mates is a trade supplier of all inbound and outbound communications. Our services include data management, mailing, digital print, fulfillment and distribution via physical and all electronic forms.

We are part of the Lamson Paragon group of companies. We are focused on building our channel partners’ businesses with them, while helping them help their customers.

What have you bought?

The device we have bought is one part of an entire solution that we have built. There is also all the workflow, the time spent testing and additional software.

This Neopost device is an exceptional piece of equipment that allows us to inkjet not only envelopes but paper for personalised full-colour mailings. These have so much more value than just a normal old envelope.

This is not targeted at pure large-run offset envelope replacement. This solution is best suited toward 20,000 mail pieces that are required urgently.

It’s important to note that we are launching a concept on the entire paradigm shift of short-run envelopes. The device is a small part of the concept.

What made you decide to opt for this technology?

The majority of the premium alternatives available are the same head with different covers and logos.

Did you consider any other products?

Yes, we did consider other products, but the Neopost AS-970C Mach5 delivered what we believed was a game changer in the short-run envelope market that is currently not being serviced as well as possible.

What are some of the most impressive features of the solution?

We are impressed with the printing of full-colour variable envelopes in one pass including data driven images and text at 1,600x800dpi resolution. Why pay for plates or two processes?

Say goodbye to the days of waiting for envelopes to be printed and then waiting again for the mailing house. The result is much quicker turnaround – quite often the same or next day – with the efficiency gains of printing and personalising in one process, allowing our customers to get their message to market quicker.

Unlike conventional printers that must traverse back and forth across the page, this system has a fixed head that prints as the media continuously moves along.

The end tangible outcome is that more pieces get opened. The piece truly stands out from the crowd in the letterbox. When you explain these benefits to clients, it differentiates us from anyone else selling the old standard envelope.

Is there anything you can’t offer with this solution that you wish you could?

Double-sided envelopes is the main downside, in our opinion.

Have you saved time and money?

Our channel partners and their customers have saved a lot of both. Just last week we received an email stating, “If you were trying to impress me, you just did.”

Were there any difficulties surrounding the installation and development?

We worked on this project and planned it out over three to four months, enabling a smooth installation and workflow.



Supplier’s response

The Neopost AS-970C Mach5 perfectly suited Cheque-Mates’ business model, which required fast setup and job turnaround. They loved the simple design as it could be operated by almost any of their team. Utilising Memjet print technology, the Neopost Mach5 has allowed Cheque-Mates to offer high-quality envelope overprint output up to 1600dpi. This can be fully personalised by a variable-data system developed in-house. To cap it all off, Cheque-Mates get all of the advantages of the Neopost AS-970C Mach5, while benefiting from one of the lowest costs per impression on the market today.

Rod Podbury, Neopost Australia (GBC)

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