New Accurio at Digitalpress “has not stopped”

Award winning printer Digitalpress has added a new press to its stable with an Accurio C3070 four colour up and running in its inner Sydney workshop.

Digitalpress owner Theo Pettaras bought the Konica Minolta press to support his other equipment, to give him extra print power when needed and open the door to the possibilities of printing on synthetic substrates.

Pettaras has not looked back and says the decision to invest during Digitalpress’ “year of transformation” was the right one.

“The Accurio is a great press because it prints on lots of synthetic substrates and that is really important for us because we are trying to change our market a little bit,” Pettaras told ProPrint.

“It’s fast, the quality is superb, it requires very little maintenance and the service from Konica Minolta is exceptional.

“We have had an amazing relationship with Konica Minolta. I really do like Konica Minolta as an organisation and have really appreciated the relationship we’ve had over 10 years.”

Pettaras has been busy transforming both himself personally and his business and is looking forward to the year ahead.

“We got it around the middle of last year and it hasn’t stopped,” Pettaras said.

“We do a lot of business cards, a lot of brochures, booklets, posters and a lot of work on synthetic stocks so things that cling on the window, adhesives, that type of thing.”

While the decision to invest in new machinery is a big one, for Pettaras it is the only way to go. Even though it requires investment, upgrading and investing does have the potential to actually cut running costs, he says.

“It just makes it more affordable. When you have a machine for three or four years and a new one comes out it is actually more cost effective for you to purchase a new machine rather than run a debt free older press,” Pettaras says.

“New technology is able to do things better and more cost effectively. The running cost is less. You can negotiate better click rates with a newer press.”

Pettaras has also beefed up Digitalpress’ sales team with the employment of Terry Bader who spent 23 years at Spicers and Robbie Granland, who previously owned The Square Envelope Company, as he continues to work on increasing expansion in new markets.

“We are trying to promote our business as much as we can and we’ve realised the best way to do this is by having foot soldiers,” he says.

“We find by actually going out and seeing people, knocking on doors, reengaging the clients, telling them about some of the really great stuff that we do we keep front of mind. So we’ve not only been able to maintain our sales but actually grow them which is great.”

“Last year was all about transformation and this year is all about how do we put everything in place and grow our business.”

Pettaras says one of the key areas is looking at new vertical markets like hospitality and the insurance sectors for new business.

“Now it is about really targeting those opportunities and to actually look at what are their requirements, what are their pain points and how can we help them,” he said.

“It is not about going out there and spending more money. We have invested in the right equipment and the right team. Now it is about how we project ourselves out there and how we acquire new business.”

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