NUR to show prototype of 5 m superwide production printer at drupa

Visitors to drupa will have the opportunity to see a variety of new and unique wide format printing systems being demonstrated by NUR in hall 7, stand CO7 including a revolutionary new, 5 m superwide printing technology that incorporates UV-curable inks, a faster version of the NUR Tempo wide-format flatbed inkjet press that includes new high speed operating modes, and a new white ink system as an optional ninth colour for the NUR Tempo flatbed press.

Ultra-versatile new superwide printing technology
NUR will show the new 5 m superwide inkjet production printer it is developing as a technology preview of a new product it will be releasing later in the year. This revolutionary machine boasts a combination of speed, quality and flexibility characteristics that distinguish it from and position it far ahead of any wide-format or superwide inkjet production printer on the market today.

The machine will use UV-curable inks, thereby eliminating the need for solvent emission equipment or special permits and making it environmentally friendly. The UV-curable inks also mean the machine will not require expensive, specially coated substrates for good ink adhesion. It will print on a wide variety of substrates which guarantees low operating costs and will allow users to explore new printing applications on specialty media.

The new machine will be capable of printing both eight-colour photo-realistic graphics for close-up viewing at up to 720 dpi, as well as 5 m superwide prints for billboards at super-fast speeds ­­- 360 dpi at up to 180 square metres per hour making it both productive and exceptionally versatile. A multi-roll
printing capability will further increase productivity.

“With its speed, quality, environmental friendliness and ability to print on virtually any media available, this new superwide printer, in our opinion, has the potential to revolutionise the wide-format and superwide printing marketplace,” said David Amir, president and CEO of NUR Macroprinters Ltd.

“It’s a clear demonstration of NUR Macroprinters’ continued technological leadership, especially in
superwide printing where we have long held a position of pre-eminence. Anyone that is currently looking for a machine for producing 5-metre wide prints, whether to replace old technology or to increase their production capacity, should take a look at this machine.”

The superwide printer is scheduled to begin beta testing later this year with commercial shipments planned to commence early in the fourth quarter of this year.

NUR Tempo: faster, more flexible and even more productive
NUR Macroprinters will also demonstrate an enhanced, faster version of the NUR Tempo wide-format flatbed inkjet press at the exhibition featuring three new, higher speed operating modes that enable the machine to print high quality output at up to 82 square metres per hour in four-colours and up to 50 square metres per hour in eight-colours respectively. New ICC profiles will also be available for all print modes to ensure high image quality for both text and graphics.

The new high speed print modes give users the ability to choose an output speed and quality combination that matches the price/performance requirements of every job they handle making the machine faster, more flexible and even more productive than before. This means the machine can now deliver higher overall throughput, faster job turnaround and a faster return-on-investment.

The three new speed modes are included in all new Tempo models shipped and Tempo presses in the field can be upgraded to the new, higher performance level.

Optional ninth colour white ink for standard NUR Tempo
NUR will also introduce a new option for the standard, eight-colour version of the Tempo inkjet flatbed press that allows it to use white ink as a ninth colour.

The new white ink system can be used to cover non-white areas of a graphic and to print text and images on transparent or coloured media for a variety of applications, including backlit graphics and high-end point-of-sale displays. Screen printers use white ink in similar ways and this new optional feature enables the Tempo, designed for screen printers, to even more closely emulate the kind of printing typically done with a screen press. It makes the press even more versatile allowing users to develop an even greater variety of applications with it.

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