PIAA launches climate change survey to assess industry views

The Printing Industries climate change survey begins by asking whether or not participants believe climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed by the Federal Government and whether Australia should be seen to be leading the campaign to address climate change or should take a follower role.

It asks whether participants would support the Government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) or would prefer a carbon tax.

The survey also seeks industry opinion on support for the imposition of carbon tariffs on imported products originating from economies that either have no emission trading scheme or operate under less stringent environmental standards.

Hagop Tchamkertenian, national manager for policy and government affairs at Printing Industries says the survey would help shape an industry position on what could become a trigger for double dissolution of Parliament should the Senate reject the Government’s proposed ETS legislation a second time.

He says, “Our industry is a major industry and Printing Industries plans to convey the industry’s views directly to the Federal Government. This is important as under the proposed scheme the printing industry will be faced with increased energy, transportation and raw material costs.”

Tchamkertenian continues, “For example electricity costs are expected to increase by at least seven per cent and soon after by another 13 per cent within the first years of the ETS coming into action. Prices are then expected to continue to increase in real terms. These costs will flow on to other products requiring electricity or fuel in their production.

“While the ETS remains the Federal Government’s preferred option others advocate the introduction of a carbon tax which is an environmental tax on emissions of carbon dioxide.”

Tchamkertenian adds the survey provides an opportunity for the printing industry to express its views on some of the basics underpinning the Federal Government’s present position.

Click here to participate in the Printing Industries climate change survey.

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