PIAA wants ban lifted on new gas

Following the Federal Opposition proposal for permanent controls on Australia’s gas exports, the PIAA has called for bans to be lifted on new gas projects.

The Printing Industries Association of Australia argues that the best way to ensure affordable gas is to increase gas supply.


Andrew Macaulay, CEO, PIAA, says, “Households and businesses are feeling the pinch from gas prices, so we need more affordable gas. The best solution is to increase gas supply. That’s why state and territory governments should lift their ban on new gas projects.


“The Federal Government’s decision last year to seek powers to direct gas supply away from exports and into the domestic market was already a significant step. The Opposition wants to take these powers further.


“We said last year that if these powers were to be used, they should be used transparently, sparingly and temporarily while we take action to increase supply and re-establish a well-functioning market. Since then, the Northern Territory has made the welcome move to lift its moratorium on gas fracking.


“We urge the remaining state and territory governments with gas bans to do the same. Industry needs lower priced gas, and consistent supply.


“Policymakers at federal, state and territory level should work closely with producers and consumers to ensure energy supply for the domestic market, while allowing Australia to remain a world-leading energy exporter.”


Walter Kuhn, president, PIAA, says, “Australia is rich with natural resources including gas deposits, so it is refreshing to see that the Opposition is acknowledging that and ensuring that we have sufficient supply for domestic use before exporting. This has the potential to give confidence to investors in the energy sector to build gas fired power stations and increase supply which will have the result of reduced power pricing for industry and domestic markets.


“If this can be managed with the desired outcome of reduced power pricing that it is a win for the visual communication sector and for Australia as a whole.”

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