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Supplied by Neopost the Duplo DDC-810 Digital Spot UV Coater offers printers the capability to enhance images with a layer of texture and depth. 
Using inkjet technology together with an ultra-violet lamp to instantly cure the UV varnish, the DDC-810 applies a gloss finish to defined areas of the substrate giving them more impact and appeal. 
A CCD camera, which automatically corrects for shrinkage, stretch and skew, along with registration marks ensures the accurate and precise alignment of the spot UV image onto the printed document. 
Equipped with Duplo’s air suction feed system, the DDC-810 can process up to 21 ppm (ledger size) and 36 ppm (letter size). 
The unit features a dust roller, metal hydride lamp, ultrasonic double feed detection, fully automated head cleaning purge, and detection sensors for miss-feeds, ink attached, ink near empty, ink disposal tank full, cover open/closed, jam before and after UV lamp, and feed empty. 
It is easy to set up and operate, the DDC-810 is ideal for short to medium digital and offset medium jobs.
As printing methods become more varied, there is growing demand for binding with coated and digitally printed sheets. EVA hotmelt glue has difficulty binding coated stock firmly, and does not currently provide good spine flexibility and lay-back qualities. However, PUR hotmelt glue can provide adequate binding strength and a lay-flat quality for both offset and digital print on a wide range of paper stocks.It is sold through Neopost. 

Higher productivity for printers: Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P

Heidelberg says printers will be abel to achieve up to 50 per cent higher productivity thanks to the new generation of Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P folding systems. 
Heidelberg launched the new models of the Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P folding machines at drupa 2016. The P stands for enhanced performance, productivity, and reliability. 
This series is aimed at industrialised commercial printers with peak performance machines from the Speedmaster XL series or book binders with an annual production of more than 40 million sheets. 
It rounds out the top end of the Heidelberg folding machine range, which now consists of the following product series classified by performance classes and customer requirements: Stahlfolder Ti, Stahlfolder BH/CH, Stahlfolder TH/ KH, and the new Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P, as a complement to the Stahlfolder TX 96. 
The PFX feeder is carried over into the new models of the Stahlfolder TH/ KH 82-P as a technology transfer from the peak performance machine Stahlfolder TX 96. Heidelberg says this is a basic prerequisite for reliable separation and feeding of the sheets to the folding machine in a stream of shingled sheets. The increase in productivity of up to 50 per cent is achieved through an innovative sheet guide, which permits shingled folding through the entire folding machine. This means that shingled processing of sheets is now also possible in the folding stations in the Stahlfolder TH/ KH 82-P. 
Shingled guiding enables more sheets to be processed in the same time, without increasing the speed at which sheets are transported. For example, folded sheets in the final format 16-page A4 can be produced at a rate of up to 16,000 sheets per hour, at a machine speed of just 150 meters a minute. Common machine speed results in an increase in quality as well as more stable and constant production, even with sensitive papers. 
The enhanced Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P machines use the Palamides Alpha 500 hd delivery with one-person operation (a horizontal log stacker can alternatively be used). There is an optional press module integrated in the folder. This produces a sharper fold, according to Heidelberg, resulting in better quality and better processing in subsequent folding stations.

Creasing and folding for heavier digitally printed stocks: Horizon CRF-362 

The latest folder creaser from Horizon and supplied by Currie Group enables creasing and folding for heavier sheets in one pass, avoiding cracking of digitally-printed stocks. 
Suitable for creasing covers, restaurant menus, shop cards, invitation cards and laminated sheets. The impact creaser avoids cracking on digitally-printed applications. 
High quality creasing helps to prepare high quality perfect bound book covers. Spine, hinge and flapcreases can be properly produced by selecting up or down creasing. 
Two fold knives are equipped for high quality folding, even on heavy stocks. Six different folding patterns can be set up simply by using the icon based touch screen. 
Quick and easy set-up and operation can be performed through the newly equipped high resolution colour touch screen, and the CRF-362 can be enhanced with JDF workflow from upstream to the postpress using pXnet bindery control system. 
The newly equipped high resolution touchscreen provides intuitive operation. 
Changeovers including fold pattern, increasing number and up / down crease selection can be done easily at this screen. Up to 200 jobs can be stored in memory for easy recall. 
The suction belt feeding system enables stable feeding performance even with heavier sheets. An ultrasonic sensor ensures miss or double detection regardless of the print image or thickness of sheets. 
Sheets align to the register guide to ensure straight feeding for accurate creasing and folding. Sheet skew can be adjusted by changing the transport roller pressure on the registration guide. 
Up to 10 creasing lines can be performed in one pass. Creasing depth can be adjusted. Up and down creasing are performed in one pass. Creasing positions can be adjusted in increments of 0.1mm. 
The large-diameter fold rollers are equipped for heavier stocks. Folding patterns include parallel fold, short fold, letter fold, double parallel fold, accordion fold, and open gate fold. 
Folded jobs are delivered to the upper conveyor and neatly stacked for easy job handling. Flat creased jobs are delivered to the lower tray. 
The Konica Minolta focus in postpress for digital is about adding value in print through embellishment, thereby increasing the opportunity for clients to sell a higher value print article. Konica Minolta’s MGI JETvarnish range of devices can produce a traditional 2D Spot UV effect, a raised 3D Spot UV effect, and a hot stamp foil all in one unit. The JETvarnish range are available in four different widths (364mm, 520mm, 640mm, 750mm) to suit different sheet sizes and up to a length of 1200mm. Konica Minolta says commercial printers and their clients have a need to achieve greater results from their marketing spend and to separate themselves from their competition – and print embellishment is a great way to do this. The MGI JETvarnish products do this via a digital workflow. Along with it comes all the advantages of digital printing such as shorter runs, variable data and versioning, no costly dies or make-ready, the ability to make last minute changes and ease of use. The Evolution variant of the MGI JETvarnish provides flexibility, it can be upgraded in the field. If a client purchases an EVO 52 (520mm), the device then can be upgraded to an EVO 64 or 75 according to their growth, and how their business changes. 
The raised Spot UV and foil effects can be produced at a height of up to 232 micron. 
Users of the MGI Evolution technology are opening new markets for example; braille, short run embossed covers, point of sale material or targeted marketing pieces. 
A recent infoTrends study commissioned late 2016 ‘Beyond CMYK: The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing’ highlights the value of offering postpress special effects. 
One of the highlights of the study was that around 30 per cent of all colour pages printed are embellished in some way. Konica Minolta believes the return on investment is shorter than would be expected, and with print run sizes falling, the company says digital embellishment is the only way forward.

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