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The print and paper industry could make Mark Twain’s famous quote its own. We have endured a chapter of our pending or ultimate death, however, we remain strong, effective, and innovative. Recent research indicating Millennials are more inclined to read direct mail (77 per cent), retail inserts (73 per cent), catalogues (54 per cent) and magazines (51 per cent). All the while Google is reporting that 76 per cent of digital banner ads are not read by humans. Let us do our industry a favour – let us not simply read this article, but take note and talk to these points with our clients, prospects and wider networking communities.

The achievements of TSA’s three campaigns in recent months are here to give us all reasons to be optimistic about the future and as is my current mantra – embrace improvement. Print works harder than ever before with all other media channels and it is this hard-work that sees us achieving a 50 per cent uplift in sales when partnered with digital banner advertising.

70 per cent success for Two Sides Australia

Two Sides Australia, our environmental campaign, has announced a remarkable success in its anti-greenwash campaign that urges companies to remove misleading claims to encourage their customers to Go Paperless. In Australia, many companies have been found to be greenwashing to push  their customers to use digital communications instead of paper ones and 70 per cent of them have changed their messaging after we contacted them.

More, this success is worldwide and it is globally that mentalities about the environmental credentials of paper are changing: Two Sides in North America and in the UK are reporting similar successes. Even Greenpeace, a long-term detractor of forest products, recognised just this month that their attacks on a Canadian forest product company were ‘non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion’.

Hurrah. We have been given credibility from one of the fiercest environmental activist groups. Stand tall and be proud of our industry’s environmental credentials.

VoPP Mag: a direct link to influencers and decision

VoPP, the value of paper and print, is just about to release the second issue of its magazine. VoPP Mag covers the entire spectrum of print marketing, providing the readership with news, research, insight, interviews, opinion and case studies that prove the effectiveness of the channel both independently and as part of a multi-channel campaign. With a readership consisting of an influential mix of senior decision makers in all areas of marketing and advertising, as well as brand owners such as heads of marketing and marketing directors, the magazine talks directly to influencers and decision makers. Following the success of the first issue, the magazine has seen more partners coming on board and the distribution will be extended.
In parallel, VoPP, through its case studies and re-usable charts, keeps providing TSA’s members with high quality curated data about the effectiveness of print marketing and the latest print and paper innovations to inspire them in pushing the boundaries of our powerful media channel. With fast paced innovation both in print and paper technologies, the only limit is only our imagination.

Hundreds are joining: Keep Me Posted

Keep Me Posted, the consumer advocacy campaign for the consumer’s right to choose, is celebrating its first anniversary this month. The campaign has engaged with more than 60 politicians, at a local, state and federal level, and is getting more traction every day.

More than two hundred people have contacted the campaign after the publication of an article in The Senior Newspaper and more than three-hundred and fifty have expressed their support at Keep Me Posted forums. People care about their rights to receive paper communications without a fee, and now want their political reps to know how they feel.

Mainstream media coverage has seen more than 160 television, newspaper, magazine and radio article promoting the campaign with the most amazing thing happening – Australians are ringing up and talking through all the reasons they love print. It is indeed a highlight of the campaign to see our communities talking in positive terms and supporting our industry.

The campaign has also participated in several public inquiries and been invited to submit our submission to the Australian Consumer Law Review, the Productivity Commission and now we care working with Senators to support a Senate Inquiry to give Australians a voice in a matter which has been overlooked by other consumer groups.

41 per cent membership increase: TSA

As an organisation, TSA Limited has seen a 41 per cent membership increase between FY15 to the present.  With industry briefings delivered across Australia and New Zealand, our membership engagement programme has shown that our members are eager to work collaboratively and innovatively. More, they are all united in willing to build a strong and sustainable future for the industry. Embrace the tide – we are the new black, and we are well and truly back.

If you’re not a member, jump on (membership starts at $25 plug, plug). If you are a member look-out for the new website coming, filled with lots of good old fashioned bells and whistles to help you kick goals in your next client discussions.

Good luck out, I know it has its challenges, however together we can sell the value of print. The results, quality and industry support you.


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