Print Leaders Forum: Increasing sales in 2020

No matter what size your business is, whether you have a sales team or not or whether you’re B2C or B2B there’s one thing that you can work on to improve your sales results in 2020 (and forever!). It’s not another technique, tool or tactic. It’s a simple, timeless principle that will serve you for the rest of your time in business.

Once you know about it, you’ll never be able to “un-see” it. What is it? Rock solid belief in the value of what you sell to your customers. The kind of belief you have that the sun will rise tomorrow and the sky is blue. 


Because it influences everything from your “vibe” on the phone through to how many calls you’ll make, the level of enthusiasm you have for approaching new customers or the way you follow up.

Imagine this. 

You’re at a dinner party sitting opposite someone with a splitting headache. You have a box of Panadol with you and they don’t. Would you just sit there and think, “Well I don’t want to be pushy, they might have something else at home, they probably don’t like the Panadol brand.”

Not likely. You’d just offer them the Panadol without thinking twice. After all, you know how horrible a splitting headache at a dinner party feels, you know Panadol works to take away headaches and you’ve got some. In a nutshell, you believe Panadol will help them.

It’s exactly the same with your own product or service! So how do you increase belief?

Step 1

  • Go over the last 12 months best client case studies.
  • Look at the client testimonials you’ve received over the past 12 months.
  • Look for industry research or statistics showing the value of the kind of work you do.
  • Have some clients create a video for your team telling them what it’s meant to them to achieve these results. Show it to everyone on your team – not just the sales people. 

Step 2

  • Make time to sit with the team and review all the info from Step 1 together, reminding them of how great your work is for your clients. Look for common themes that identify an ideal client or common problem so they can confidently seek these out and offer your solution (think Panadol and headaches at dinner parties).

Step 3

  • Review your marketing and sales collateral. Replace product focused messaging with results and transformation focused messaging (wherever possible include case studies or testimonials or industry stats).
  • Set up a monthly meeting with your team to review client wins for the month and continue to remind yourselves how valuable you are to your clients. 

Step 4

Have a really successful 2020!


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