Q&A: Debbie Burgess, Bright Print Group

The director of Bright Print Group has been with the family firm for more than 20 years. She loves eating Paddle Pops, drinking Kahlua and playing golf (but not simultaneously). If you ever meet her at a party, don’t be surprised if she turns her thumbs back on themselves.

What is your favourite phrase?

Kindness costs nothing. 

Who or what makes you laugh?

A few Kahluas. Wine gives me a headache. 

What was your childhood obsession?

Chocolate Paddle Pops. I brought one every afternoon from the local corner shop on the way home from school. 

What’s one of the biggest stuff-ups you’ve made in your career? 

Not long after upgrading to an iPhone, I responded to an email from one of my reps regarding a very belligerent customer. I inadvertently pressed ‘reply all’ which resulted in my not-so-flattering reply to my rep also being broadcast to the client! 

Reveal a secret talent that you have.   

I can turn my thumbs back on themselves. It’s a great party trick. 

What really makes your blood boil?  

I have always hated waste at any level: financial, social, environmental. I’m the person who turns the toothpaste tube inside out to make sure I get the last little bit. I should had ‘waste not, want not’ as my favourite phrase.  

How do you like to unwind? 

I love a good game of golf. I can solve the world’s problems in 18 holes. 

Which famous person do you resemble?

I’m embarrassed to admit, but many years ago I had the permed Locomotion hairdo and I was considered a bit of a Kylie Minogue clone (in stature as well as looks). Fortunately both our styles are little more sophisticated these days.

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