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We changed all our four-foot fluorescent lights to the new low-energy T5 tubes. Not only did we end up with a brighter and more evenly lit office space, we saved a significant amount on our energy bills. We have approximately 300 individual tubes in our production facility so the total savings added up quickly. For a few years now we have voluntarily paid for carbon offsets, so in addition to saving on our utility bills, we also measurably reduced our carbon output.

Geoff Hunt, director, Momento Pro



Without a doubt, it’s our custom-built job track and workflow software, which has an inbuilt CRM that also links directly with our bookkeeping software. Our new website will be launching soon and it also seamlessly integrates with the online ordering component on that. Due to the cost, we held off for a while as we didn’t feel it was necessary. However, the software has helped us manage a larger quantity of jobs with ease. It’s been instrumental in helping to reduce workload and increase efficiency (letting me work shorter hours!).

Jake Thomas, director, Emroy Print



We upgraded from an Horizon MC80 booklet­making line to an Horizon 5500 system with a 40-bin stitch line and three-way trim, as well as a HOF-30 inline feeder unit which, if you ask our production team, was an awesome upgrade! The system has streamlined our workflows and created greater efficiencies across a broad range of our digital booklet and catalogue production process. We have greater levels of automation now; it is set up so that product comes directly from our Indigo press to the Horizon where it is bound as a finished saddle-stitched book with a three-way trim. This upgrade ensures we get a great finish on our products, speeds up the finishing process and enables greater volume through our finishing department.

Tom Eckersley, managing director, Print Approach

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