Ricoh finds favour with key Australian Printers

The Ricoh Pro C9210 Graphic Arts Edition is a versatile and high-speed print production powerhouse – a sentiment Australian printers, IVE Group & Cheque – Mates, agree with.

Ricoh Australia has won the confidence of two key Australian printers with IVE Group and Cheque – Mates signing up with the leading provider of smart workplace technology and production print equipment after rigorous testing.

Winning Preferred Print Partner status with Australia’s largest printer, the ASX-listed IVE Group, was no mean feat. It followed a four-week on-site testing period which involved putting the Ricoh Pro C9210 Graphic Arts Edition digital colour press in a direct faceoff with flagship digital presses from two other vendors.

IVE Group chief operating officer Brent McCulloch said choosing Ricoh as a Preferred Print Partner was a major decision for the company, particularly as it involved bringing in a new vendor for the first time in many years.

With some of IVE Group’s printing infrastructure reaching end of life, McCulloch said the time had come to assess other options in the market. IVE went on to request a proposal from seven vendors and three were shortlisted. Proof of concept testing was due to take place in the facilities of each of the shortlisted vendors, but Covid-19 travel restrictions meant this process was unable to proceed.

Instead, the three shortlisted vendors installed their proposed equipment at an IVE production facility for four weeks. Each system was run with the same jobs with the output and performance statistics presented to IVE senior management for consideration.

 “The third phase involved vendor capability presentations and final commercial submissions at the end of December. At that point, we selected Ricoh as our new preferred technology partner,” McCulloch said.

“Choosing Ricoh was a major decision for us at IVE Group as was bringing in a new print vendor, the first in many years. We made the change because Ricoh was able to clearly show it was the vendor most capable of meeting the production requirements of Australia’s largest commercial printer.”

After finalising the agreement in December last year, IVE Group installed six Ricoh Pro C9210 Graphic Arts Edition presses in April, along with two Ricoh Pro C7210X digital five colour units which include additional colours white, clear, neon yellow, neon pink, gold, silver and invisible red.

Top-of-the-line EFI Fiery colour controllers were also installed for each press.

“As part of the testing process, we found that the Ricoh printers gave us great quality and print registration,” McCulloch said.

“They were also able to deliver high levels of uptime and were preferred by our operating teams because of their ease of use.

“Ricoh has enabled us to increase our print efficiency which has lowered our cost base. From initial installation to production, everything has gone very smoothly.

“Once each machine had been delivered to site, it was up and running within a week.

“The support we have received from Ricoh has been second to none. We look forward to working with them.”

Ricoh Australia managing director Yasu Takahashi said after such a rigorous selection process, Ricoh is delighted to have been chosen as IVE’s Preferred Print Partner.

“IVE Group is Australia’s largest diversified marketing and printing company, and we are delighted that Ricoh has been selected as a preferred print provider after such a rigorous selection and testing process,” he said.

“The unique aspect of having three competitive print engines operating alongside the machines to be replaced provided IVE Group with real insight into the production capabilities of the Pro C9210 and the support offered by Ricoh Australia. It is a testament to the teamwork of our sales, support, service, logistics and operations that we were able to meet a very tight installation schedule.

“We look forward to strengthening our relationship with IVE Group. Through improving our collaboration, we can share expertise and experiences with each other, finding better ways to serve IVE Group and its customers, and incorporate feedback back into product development and the services we offer.”


– The Ricoh Pro VC70000 continuous inkjet now offers a field upgradeable undercoat system which makes it more attractive for offset providers.

It was a similar story at Cheque – Mates, a trade-only printer which is part of The Lamson Group of Companies and headed up by CEO Rodney Frost.

Cheque – Mates created a shortlist of three vendors and conducted similar testing in vendor showrooms with the Ricoh Pro C9210 triumphing in the end. 

“The technology selection process is very important for our business as we are ultimately investing on behalf of our channel partners,” Frost said.

“Our technology needs to deliver as we have a lot of companies in the trade relying on us. We spent a significant amount of time carefully assessing equipment from a variety of vendors before creating a shortlist of three which included Konica Minolta, Fujifilm, and Ricoh.”

Frost said his team were very impressed with the quality of the engineering of the machine together with the consistency of the output.

“During the testing process the Ricoh printer did not experience a single paper jam which is remarkable,” Frost said.

“Our industry is spoilt by the options that we have in machinery at present, however the Ricoh Pro C9210 stood out for our needs.”

Frost added the Ricoh Pro C9210 is generating productivity improvements at Cheque – Mates, as a result of significantly  improved uptime.

“The rated speed in a brochure isn’t always necessarily what you see come to fruition as actual production output. Jobs can be completed more quickly which means we can achieve improved output volumes and faster results for our partners,” Frost said.

“With the experience we have enjoyed with Ricoh, we have a strategic partner for the long-term.”

Ricoh Australia graphic communications national sales manager, Mark Moro, is delighted a growing list of Australian printers are signing up with Ricoh.

“The feedback we received is that the Pro C9210 offers an unmatched combination of outstanding print quality, productivity, ease of use, flexibility and reliability that enables these printers to support print business momentum. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Cheque – Mates.”


• A high-capacity workhorse which can produce one million colour copies per month at speeds up to 135 pages per minute in high definition with auto-calibration and auto-registration.

• Paper capacity can be increased to 17,600 sheets.

• Broad stock versatility including coated and non-coated, linen look, super gloss, metallics and synthetics which give way to high demand and high-value tactile finishes.

• It can print on cardstock up to 600 microns (0.6mm) thick – opening print business owners up to short run packaging and labels opportunities.

• Able to print sheets from 330mm to 1260mm for gatefold brochure covers.

• Choice of two EFI Fiery controllers.

• In-line and off-line finishing options available.


Ricoh has a steep heritage in inkjet production, despite being more well known in Australia for its toner production devices. It is using this capability to further build its strength in the continuous feed space to allow more offset and digital printers to produce applications including high-end photo books and luxury catalogues.

At drupa 2016, Ricoh launched the Ricoh Pro The Ricoh Pro VC70000 continuous inkjet now offers a field upgradeable undercoat system which makes it more attractive for offset providers. VC70000 with this model introducing new revolutionary drying technology which did not exist in its predecessor, the Pro VC60000.

Continuing this trend of constant improvement, in August Ricoh unveiled the Pro VC70000e which is field upgradeable and interchangeable with existing Pro VC70000 installations. It features multiple print quality and productivity enhancements including useful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning benefits.

For offset printers, this model eases concerns of making the inkjet transition due to its undercoating technology, which enables printing on a broader range of substrates.

Ricoh Australia product marketing manager Henryk Kraszewski explained the undercoat feature, and why it is something the market is calling for.

“The enhancement here is a new undercoat feature. Our inks on the Pro VC70000 have no need for an undercoat but the new features enables printing on a broader range of substrates with enhanced print quality, easing the path for offset printers to make the inkjet transition,” Kraszewski said.

“Next year will be our 50th anniversary in inkjet R&D, a long heritage of inkjet development. The Pro VC70000 family includes our printhead technology, our own ink technology, and our controller technology. We feel this is a key point of difference as we make the whole solution and what that means for the customer at the end of the day is that we are responsible for every part of that engine.

“It’s all our technology, so, what ends up on the printed page is what we control.”

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Ongoing evolution keeps print industry moving forward

After spending more than 30 years working in the printing industry, Mark Moro is just as excited about its potential today as he was in the 1990s.

A s Ricoh’s Australian national sales manager for Ricoh Graphic Communications, Mark Moro is charged with growing the company’s business, maintaining existing customer relationships, and identifying opportunities for growth.

During his career in print, Moro has undertaken a variety of roles but has particularly enjoyed those where he has had the opportunity to manage and motivate teams to achieve corporate goals. At the same time, no matter what role he has been tasked with over the years, Moro has consistently been passionate about helping customers achieve their strategic objectives.

“I have developed specific expertise in the coaching, training, and development of sales professionals,” he says. “These have been gradually honed over years of experience within the corporate, SME, and now production print sectors.”

Moro prides himself on his ability to carefully manage both internal and external customer relationships, remaining totally focussed on the required outcome to deliver a high degree of excellence.


In his current nationally focused role, Moro is overseeing the extension of Ricoh’s footprint among large-scale business and commercial print houses. This is being backed by an extension of the company’s product range in Australia and extensive training of sales professionals.

“Ricoh has always been very strong within midsized businesses,” says Moro. “Our focus is on growing our presence within Australia’s largest printing firms.”

During the past couple of years, when the global pandemic made business travel all but impossible, Moro focused on using digital collaboration tools to maintain contact with key clients and make introductions to new prospects.

“While this is very effective from a time management perspective, nothing can beat meeting up with people in a face-to-face environment,” he says. “With restrictions having eased, I am really enjoying getting out and meeting customers once again face to-face.”


During his time in the printing industry, Moro has watched the constant evolution of both technologies and products with interest. He points to the introduction of digital techniques and the significant growth in colour printing to be highlights.

“For many years there have been people who have predicted the death of print and the rise of the so-called ‘paperless office’,” says Moro. “Yet, you only need to have a casual glance around any print business to see that is not the case. The 2022 Industry Insights Report by The Real Media Collective reinforced the importance of print and digital media working collaboratively.”

Moro says print continues to play a central role, supporting everything from sales and marketing campaigns to back-office workflows. The technologies used to deliver printed pages will continue to evolve but the vital role played by printed collateral will remain.


When considering the key forces currently shaping the future of print, Moro says there are some significant trends at work.

One is the strategy being adopted by companies such as Ricoh to expand their product and service offerings into non-print areas. Ricoh now has a portfolio of digital services that support workplace collaboration and communication.

Ricoh Australia national sales manager, Mark Moro

“This trend certainly does not mean that we are turning our backs on print – far from it,” he says. “It is a way for Ricoh to deliver even more value for our customers and allow them to take advantage of some exciting new technologies and services that are shaping the world of work.”

Moro says another important but less positive trend being noted across the sector is the gradual ageing of the workforce. The average age of the technicians charged with keeping large, sophisticated printers fully functional is rising and there appears to be a lack of younger people to fill the gaps.

“This is something that needs urgent attention,” says Moro. “If we don’t attract fresh talent into the sector, there will be a detrimental impact on customer service and satisfaction.”

In terms of answers for the challenge, Moro says TAFE colleges should be encouraged to increase the training offered and the number of places made available each year. This would allow more young people to be exposed to the print industry and the various career options that it provides.

Moro says it’s also important to have greater gender diversity to help strengthen organisations and the sector as a whole.

“Ricoh is an active supporter of the initiatives of The Real Media Collective and chief executive officer Kellie Northwood in promoting a more diverse workforce across our broad industry,” Moro said.

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