Starleaton launches world-first Zund rental

Starleaton introduced a world-first Zünd rental program on Thursday, where customers can rent individual modules for their devices, and have the rental price deducted from the total if they decide to purchase.


The supplier says it gives customers a chance to try out work across different applications, or produce jobs for customers they would have had to outsource otherwise. By deducting the rental price from the purchase price, Starleaton says customers can make a decision to invest once they’ve secured additional work from the customer, or gained the confidence to market that work to other potential print buyers.


Ian Cleary, industrial sales manager, Starleaton says, “The Zünd product is a high speed cutting system which helps our customers process and finish products in the print and industrial markets.


“It is a modular system, and that is its success, whereas other systems have a fixed head which can not be changed.


“A printer might be cutting corrugated today, for the packaging market, but a customer might come in tomorrow and want acrylic cut.


“In that example, cutting acrylic would need a router head, which is often expensive to purchase, so instead the printer can rent that head for the work, and purchase it if later if they decide to enter that market.


“Customers have varied businesses, they may not want to invest a lot of money into one module for one job.


“Now, if a job comes up and they need that module, and it is a one-off, they can rent that tool for a four week period for a fraction of the cost.


“If, after that job, they want to keep it for additional work, and the customer signs up for more jobs, then we offer that on an offset program, where the initial rental cost comes off the total price of the module to purchase.


“It gives printers flexibility to try before they buy.


“That is the crux of the rental program, there are a lot of Zünd machines in Australia, covering a lot of applications, and different markets.


‘In each print shop, the Zünd machines are not always across every market, but as things get competitive, printers can expand their business in a more flexible way.”


The program is being examined by the Zünd head office, who are now considering taking the option global.


Cleary explains, “We are the world’s first company to offer this, even Zünd directly has not offered this, we have responded to our customers, and their demands from their clients.


“Now Zünd is looking to release it through their own networks, as it is a world first.


“Aside from glass, the Zünd machines can cut any process. It is impossible for customers to have and offer every single module, even from an application not a monetary prospective.


“It is not limited to any tool, and we do not know what will be popular at this time. Our customers applications are so varied it is impossible for even them to predict what they will need, which is why we are offering this.


“We had a flood of enquiries as soon as it happened, but only launched Thursday last week.”

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