Seven over 70: Terry Mulcahy

Terry Mulcahy may have left the print space but he still holds on the values that he believed in during his time in the industry

Seven over 70: Arthur Frost

Arthur Frost stumbled into print purely by chance but his passion for the trade grew along with his evolving career in the industry

Seven over 70: Robert McMillan

Robert McMillan had a vision for growing JS McMillan Printing, which was started by his father, and pursued his dreams.

Seven over 70: Richard Downie

Richard Downie has built a strong print business at Kosdown Printing with hard work, honesty, and good service as its pillars of strength

Seven over 70: Neil Mulveney

Neil Mulveney built the successful business of Champion Press in the ’50s, which was eventually sold to Hannanprint in February 1987


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