Bridgestone Group renames to Reacon Group

Bridgestone Group, the company that bought Theo Pettaras’ Digitalpress last year, has undergone a rebrand and will now be known as Reacon Group.

The company’s CEO Jahangir Khan told Sprinter that the main brand and group entity that was Bridgestone Group is now Reacon Group and that branding changes have also taken place across its other business arms.

This includes Horizon Print Management and corporate clients of Digitalpress and Paragon to be renamed to Reacon Australia.

Reech Marketing Services and Code Crowd SDN BHD have also amalgamated to become Connekta Holdings Pty Ltd, which includes all of the business’ technology assets.

Khan said an unrelenting focus on outcomes when offering services was the reason for the rebrand as it shapes its approach and services.

“We found that we were constantly asking ourselves ‘what are our marketing objectives?’, which often led to one answer – ‘more customers’ – at lowest cost per customer as possible. This conclusion turned to what would become a defining moment in our evolution, a question to which we had no clear answer – who can help us achieve this?” Khan said.

“As we dove further and further into the rabbit hole our research uncovered no clear leader in this domain.

“In fact, we found that there were many service providers that helped shape the design or content of marketing communications for brands also helped rational costs, however very few that executed and distributed these messages to their target customers.

“In this way, our services have been poised to answer this very question, using a wealth of execution expertise, geographic breadth across Asia, an exclusive supplier network, leading edge technology and a growing number of distribution channels at our disposal, we are answering this question one brand at a time.

“As a result, we created Reacon – a business that combines ‘reach’ and ‘connect’ to provide endless possibilities, in addition to better outcomes.”

Reacon will operate as a marketing execution company with a heritage in print management and production. 

“Each brand within our portfolio has been carefully chosen to complete our service offering and operate seamlessly within our eco-system,” Khan added.  

“Through our acquisition of companies that share our vision, values and ethos, coupled with organic business incubation we are building a marketing eco-system with customer activation, acquisition and retention at its core.

“Our highly-experienced professionals strive to push the envelope through innovation, integration and transparency – with a focus on operational excellence, cost-savings and ultimately access to more customers.”

Theo Pettaras left the business in September 2020 to join Transworld, while Cameron Williams took over his role as general manager.

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