Bright Print Group fills void with new trade bindery service

Debbie Burgess and John Bright, the co-directors of NSW’s Bright Print Group, have filled a void left by the demise of Sydney Binding with the launch of a new company, Twenty-20 Bindery Pty Ltd.

The brother and sister team have now purchased a high volume Acoro PUR binding line and auxillary equipment which was owned by John McPherson and Peter Halters, independent of the Sydney Binding business of which they were part owners.

McPherson is now employed as a consultant at Twenty-20 Bindery Pty Ltd with Sydney Binding now officially in liquidation.

Four Sydney Binding employees, including senior team member Jun Hu, have also been employed to come and work at Twenty 20 Bindery Pty Ltd with hopefully more to be employed as work returns to the industry.

The Acoro machine is continuing to operate at Sydney Binding’s Rockdale site but plans are now underway to move it and other equipment purchased to a separate warehouse space at the rear of Bright Print Group’s factory in Wetherill Park.

In announcing the news today, Burgess told Sprinter that a month ago she and her brother would not have considered being the owners of a trade print bindery but with the closure of Sydney Binding they felt they had little choice.

Debbie Burgess of Bright Print Group

Bright Print Group had utilised the services of McPhersons/Graphic Bookbinding and then Sydney Binding for over 30 years.

“Three weeks ago if someone had have said we were starting a trade bindery company, I would have said ‘I don’t think so’,” Burgess told Sprinter.

“It’s all happened very quickly. John and I needed to make that decision very quickly but we felt it was absolutely necessary that that Acoro machine was still available to the industry.”

Twenty 20 Bindery Pty Ltd will provide similar services to those that were provided by Sydney Binding, including PUR, folding and stitching.

It currently does not supply case binding services but Burgess did not rule adding that provision if demand required it.

“Where we take Twenty-20 Bindery will depend on demand in the future but at the moment the important thing is ensuring ourselves and other printers in Sydney have access to a longer run PUR machine,” she said.

“The loss of Sydney Binding creates a huge void within our industry and a significant disruption to the work we can provide.

“The situation really didn’t leave us with an option but to step in and do something for ourselves and the industry really.”

Burgess also wanted to make it clear that Bright Print Group or Twenty-20 Bindery Pty Ltd had not purchased Sydney Binding, but rather just some pieces of equipment associated with it.

“Twenty-20 did not purchase Sydney Binding. Twenty-20 has purchased a few pieces
of equipment, such as the Acoro PUR line which was owned by John McPherson and Peter Halters, independently of Sydney Binding. Equipment owned by Sydney Binding is likely to go to auction in the coming weeks under the direction of the Receivers,” Burgess said.

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