Clegg Media marks a first for Vutek

Colin Clegg, Clegg Media owner, says, “We would not have been able to complete the job without the PressVu UV. By using it to print direct to the clients’ choice of substrate, we were able to provide higher quality printing, and save the client both time and money.”

108 individual graphics totalling 640sqm, were printed for the Arbour Lane Centre using the PressVu UV and existing VUTEk UltraVu 2360 SC. With graphics ranging in size from 60cmx1.2 m to 6.44mx5.05m, the job took just six weeks to complete, from initial receipt of artwork to delivery.

For the first time, Clegg Media was able to print the Arbour Lane logo direct to pillars of Satin Ice polycarbonate. These were erected outside the shopping centre, designed to provide an attractive and unusual focal point for customers.

Clegg says, “Because of the substrates outdoor durability, our client asked us to print onto Satin Ice, a frosted opal polycarbonate with a textured finish. Prior to the installation of our PressVu UV, we would have needed to apply graphics using clear self-adhesive vinyl, which would have lost some definition and quality. With the ability to print direct to the polycarbonate, we were able to maintain quality, meet our clients’ deadlines and experiment with a new material.

“Although this job was big, it was a fantastic opportunity to put our new VUTEK PressVu UV to the test, and utilise the benefits of its flatbed capabilities. Saving time and money, we were able to print graphics up to 3.5 m in size, direct to the final substrate.”

Seven of the nine substrates used for the shopping centre job, were printed using the UltraVu 2360 SC. These included backlit flex face vinyl skins, frontlit and backlit self-adhesive vinyl and wallpaper. The materials were used to produce banners and billboards around the centre.

Each graphic carried advertising images, with the front and backlit self-adhesive vinyl graphics being mounted onto steel and acrylic. Clegg also produced and installed wallpaper between the ground and first floors of the shopping centre and printed billboards for the entrance of Arbour Lane’s cinema.

Clegg Media also used its PressVu UV to print direct onto synthetic paper, used for the production of the tenant list and shopping centre directories. As an opaque printable plastic film, synthetic paper is ideal for lightbox applications. More durable than the papers used on solvent-based printers, it can be transported without substrate deterioration, and save clients further costs.

Clegg says, “We chose the VUTEK PressVu UV 180/600 EC because it was the best flatbed printer on the market and most suited to our needs. Not only can we print direct to virtually any flat material, but because of the PressVu’s versatility, it can also be used for roll-to-roll applications.

“Having enjoyed our UltraVu 2360 SC, we knew of VUTEk’s excellent customer service and product reliability. The addition of our new PressVu has definitely helped the company diversify into new areas of business.”

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