Colour Graphic Services becomes authorised reseller of X-Rite

Colour Graphic Services has become an authorised reseller of colour management, measurement and control solutions company X-Rite. 

Colour Graphic Services managing director David Crowther was showcasing the X-Rite Pantone i1iO at PacPrint, saying that it is a solution that provides colour accuracy especially for substrates that are backlit. 

The i1iO is a robotic, automatic chart reading system designed for photographers, designers, and printers who want to eliminate manual strip reading.

“Direct to textile and direct to fabric printing is a growing trend and the X-Rite i1iO provides an option of a backlit LED tablet to simulate backlight,” Crowther said. 

“X-Rite is a huge company that makes colour management instruments and the X-Rite i1iO is a particular instrument that fills the void in this sort of work.”  

Key features of the i1iO include: 

– Measuring reflective test charts on a variety of substrates up to 10 mm thick, including thin polybag material, ceramics, and textiles.

– Reading more than 500 patches per minute in scanning mode under the M0 measurement condition to quickly create custom profiles.

– Offering ultimate flexibility through hands-free automation and ease-of-use.

– Supporting automated transmission profiling with i1Pro 3 Plus for backlit film and materials used in signage.

– Providing more accurate and consistent profiles than created by hand.

Crowther also showcased the Myiro-1 and Myiro-9 spectrophotometers at PacPrint, which Colour Graphic Services started reselling in May 2021. 

The Myiro-1 is a hand-held spectrophotometer for any third party supported software such as Mellow Colour PrintSpec, EFI, ORIS ColorTuner, Agfa, ColorGate, Creo, ErgoSoft, and Color Logic.

As for the Myiro-9, it is a super-fast auto chart reader that delivers data to the majority of third party profiling software used in all print disciplines – 1,500 patches in four minutes, according to Crowther. 

He was also showcasing the Techkon SpectroDrive, the TechkonSpectro Plate and TechkonSpectro Dens at the tradeshow.

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