Composite Images gets Massivit upgrade

With the release of the latest iteration of the Massivit series of 3D printers, Australian users including Composite Images have had their hardware and software upgraded.

As one of the beta test sites, Composite Images has been using the new version for several months. Bruce Scott, the company’s owner, explains, “It has improved reliability and added features which allow us to change the resolution of the print within a single print. So parts of the model can have extra strength, and we can automatically switch over to printing in a higher-quality mode for more detailed areas.

“It is interesting technology, it is still early in its life. In the last two and half years I have had the machine, there have been drastic improvements in how it works, and the reliability of the machine.

“My machine was #21 in the world, with Massivit it has been upgraded all the way up the line, so it is the same as one that would come up the shop floor today.

“They have been very good to work with.

“I bought it directly from Massivit, I had discussions with them at first in 2015. It was an area of interest for me. Now I deal with Graphic Art Mart, and have a longstanding association with Massivit, we all work together.”

The company has also released a new gel, which Michael Liveris, national equipment manager, Graphic Art Mart, says reduces costs by 33 per cent.

“We released the Massivit Pro, which has a higher level of detail in printing capability, and Composite Images has already been upgraded, reflecting the openness of the upgrade path.

“Any Massivit sold in the past four years has been able to be upgraded to the latest technology, you will not have redundant hardware when improvements are made.

“I feel they are meeting the needs of the customers, both in technology advances and reducing the costs of the gel.”

The new Massivit CEO, Erez Zimmerman, even pointed to the work of Composite Images when speaking to Australian Printer at Fespa in Munich.

In his words, “Composite Images is using the Massivit to promote the latest Nespresso machine in a display – print on a big scale. What the Massivit does – is it brings something new and complementary.

“The key advantage is for advertising and promotion, in parallel to 2D you have the addition of 3D which has 10 times the amount of stopping power.”

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