Focus Press acquires Fast Proof Press NSW

Focus Press MD David Fuller told ProPrint that this move is the beginning of the company’s strategic plan to grow, partly through acquisition, over the next few years.

“This is part of the consolidation happening in the industry,” David Fuller said. “I’m doing it because we’re quite successful and wish to grow, and it’s part of our strategic plan. The opportunity came up and I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this for a couple of years.”

The two companies already had a working relationship, according to Fuller, and this was a logical step for both companies.

“We do a lot of business with Fast Proof Press in Queensland, and we work together quite successfully. We got together quite recently and decided that it’s easier to work in one [location] and work strategically with someone else in another state. They’ve just put in a 12-colour press in Queensland and are looking to grow their own business there.”

The two operations will be rolled into one at Focus Press’s current location in Sydney’s inner western suburbs, utilising other nearby premises that Focus acquired late last year.

“We’re shifting it all together. We have our existing site and extra buildings in our street in anticipation of this since last year, so it’s all part of our strategic plan. We’ve been working towards this for over two years. It’s a pretty good story for Focus Press and for Fast Proof staff as well.

“We’ll have about 75 people altogether and it will add about 50 per cent to our sales. We’re focused mostly on 40-inch equipment, and Fast Proof brings to us some half-size capacity – – 28-inch five-colour capacity, which is a help – and some very good people and capabilities such as litho printing onto backlit substrates, which is a challenge. There’s a great range of business that comes with Fast Proof Press.”

Focus Press’s strong commitment to environmental issues will not pose a challenge to the amalgamation, acording to Fuller.

“We have very similar cultures and the environmental focus is there as well at Fast Proof, so it will work out very well. We’re very committed to that on an ongoing basis.

“The biggest advantages to us in this move are the different customer base and the good people coming over.”

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