Fujifilm launches medium-term management plan VISION2030

Above: Fujifilm’s global brand purpose, ‘Giving our world more smiles’

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation has formulated its medium-term management plan, VISION2030, which ends in the fiscal year 2030 ending 31 March 2031(FY2030) for further enhancing its corporate value by promoting management that emphasises profitability and capital efficiency, and to evolve into a company that creates value (more smiles) for various stakeholders as a collection of global top-tier businesses.

“The new medium-term management plan sets out a crucial strategy for increasing profits, outperforming the competition, and further enhancing Fujifilm’s global standing as a collection of global top-tier businesses” says Teiichi Goto, president and CEO, representative director, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.

“With a commitment to further invest in growing our already strong business portfolio, we will focus on increasing our earnings and ensuring that the new value we create benefits society as a whole. Ultimately, our goal is to be a company that brings smiles to the faces of our various stakeholders, as expressed in our group purpose ‘Giving our world more smiles’.”

In VISION 2030, Fujifilm sets the ideal state of the Fujifilm Group in FY2030 as “a collection of global top-tier businesses that further enhances the corporate value of the Fujifilm Group by promoting management that emphasises profitability and capital efficiency, and it change the world step-by-step and create value (more smiles) for various stakeholders.”

To achieve this goal, Fujifilm has prioritised (1) focusing on growth investment and profitability, (2) improving capital efficiency, (3) strengthening R&D management, and (4) ensuring return on investment, and has formulated appropriate strategies for each segment while strengthening its business portfolio management.

Ryuichi Matoba, CEO of Fujifilm Australia, told Sprinter that the strategy focuses on expanding the company’s global business across its range of Fujifilm business units, including print, digital, medical, and more.

“In Australia, we’re incredibly excited about how our focus on growth, research and customer performance can help customers meet their short-term and long-term goals,” Matoba said.

“Our local Graphic Systems team is currently working with local customers on how transitioning to ZX process less plates can save time and provide better long-term performance.”

In business portfolio management, each business is classified into “earnings base,” “growth driver,” “new/future potential,” and “value reconstruction” based on two axes: market attractiveness and the company’s profitability. For businesses positioned as “value reconstruction,” new strategies will be formulated and implemented to shift them to “earnings base.”

In addition, Fujifilm will invest 1.9 trillion yen more than the previous medium-term management plan “VISION2023” for growth investment,*1 mainly in “new/future potential” and “growth drivers” such as bio-CDMO and semiconductor materials.

Through these efforts, it targets revenue of 3,450-billion-yen, operating income of 360 billion yen, and net income attributable to Fujifilm shareholders of 270 billion yen in FY2026.

In FY2030, the final year of “VISION2030,” it aims to achieve revenue of 4 trillion yen and an operating profit margin of approximately 15 per cent, and in FY2027 and beyond, by shifting from the active investment phase to the profit-making phase in bio-CDMO, it strives to achieve ROE of 10 per cent or higher and ROIC of 9 per cent or higher.

Fujifilm’s CSR plan “Sustainable Value Plan 2030” (SVP2030), established in 2017 and targeting the fiscal year 2030, sets targets in four priority areas, both in terms of “solving social issues through business” and “considering the environment and society in the business processes”.

The company aims to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society by setting targets in the four key areas of “Environment,” “Health,” “Lifestyle,” and “Work style,” as well as in “Supply Chain” and “Governance,” which form the foundation of our business activities. VISION2030 is a concrete action plan to realize the goals of SVP2030.

In February, Fujifilm celebrated its 90th anniversary with the launch of its first ever global brand purpose, ‘Giving our world more smiles’.

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