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The company says drupa will provide the stage for the world premiere of the most impressive Speedmaster CD102 range ever designed for the high-end market. Even internally our expectations have been exceeded by the changes we are seeing in our flagship press.

The range includes the new Preset Plus feeder for both series presses and the remodelled Preset Plus delivery for the Speedmaster CD102, and later in the year for the SM102.
According to Heidelberg the Preset Plus feeder and delivery dramatically reduce makeready times, at the same time boosting sheet travel efficiency. Interfacing through the CP 2000 control centre, operators can programme stock thickness or paper formats which will automatically be translated into the respective format and air settings in the feeder and in the delivery.

Preset Plus delivery which also features a new drying system, Drystar 3000, makes the CD102 the number one packaging press enabling the use of water based coatings, metallic, gold and silver as well as specialist coatings such as blister and UV.

Another first is the remote controlled diagonal register enabling the application of fine details in coating that in the past had to be adjusted manually to register the coating unit.
With an increasing trend towards flexographic coating applications, the chambered doctor blade system is a prerequisite for gold or silver applications and is very popular for other types of coatings due to its coating quality.

In the past changing over from one coating application to another has been time consuming, especially in respect to changing the anilox roller. However, with the new Heidelberg quick change anilox roller bearing to be launched at drupa this is reduced to change time of only three minutes.
Heidelberg says one of the big advantages with its range is that it has prepress integrated as a core competency. Through Prinect it is able to integrate and repurpose data enabling us to control the workflow starting in pre-press through to finishing.

The Prinect CP 2000 Centre permits a function expansion with new software modules such as Axis Control Reporting or Image Control Reporting for statistical evaluation of the measured results when using one of these latest colour measurement systems.

The integration functionality of Prinect CP 2000 also extends to new offerings such as DryStar Advanced enabling the operator to enter and control parameters of the new DryStar 3000 generation, and to reuse and save all dryer settings including pile and guide plate temperature for repeat jobs.

Heidelberg has released new software for UV printers which it calls Instant Start UV. This software basically eliminates wash up waiting times resulting in a benefical impact on productivity by reducing down times up to 25-30 per cent.

For those printers who throughput less volume in respect to coating jobs, the new coating system allows the last printing unit of the press to be converted for working with dispersion coatings. This entry-level solution means print shops will in future be able to offer their customers print products with a protective coating and remain competitive.

Heidelberg says the modular coating system that is now available for CD102 could be installed twice in a long perfecting machine enabling the press to produce in one pass, ink and coating on two sides of the sheet. This would have a dramatic impact on the throughput time of the job.

Finishing automation
Increased automation and leading-edge technology are key features of the Heidelberg range of finishing equipment to be released at drupa.

Visitors to drupa will be able to view the tenth generation of Heidelberg’s Polar range of guillotines, the Polar X and XT ranges (see seprate piece under Polar).

Two new folding machines will also be introduced at drupa, a buckle machine and a combination knife machine, adding to Heidelberg’s wide Stahlfolder range of folding systems.

The new Stahlfolder models provide additional timesaving features including a new control system, feeder automation, and a touchscreen control incorporating the Compufold programming system along with some unique patented features to be revealed during the event.

Heidelberg’s new Stitchmaster 350 (ST350), the successor to the popular ST300 will also be previewed at drupa, along with new feeders available for the ST400 specifically designed to run web-offset sections.
Heidelberg will also be introducing a brand a new automatic die cutting machine for the packaging industry, the Diamatrix, along with a new Diana box folder gluer.

A3 expansion
Heidelberg is offering suppliers the opportunity to dramatically improve business productivity by taking advantage of the increased automation features of its new and existing model presses.
At drupa 2004 the company will further extend its offer to the A3 market with the introduction of new entry level technology for the developing printer.

The Heidelberg flagship in A3 at drupa will be the Speedmaster 52. The company claims this press will move A3 format offset printing to an entirely new level with new innovations to be released at the show.

The new Printmaster 52 (PM52), recently released and soon to be shown in Australia, will be on display at along with the latest model Quickmaster DI Pro (QM DI Pro).
The PM52 is positioned between the GTO52 well known in the industry for its performance and reliability and the short run colour market benchmark, the Speedmaster 52 (SM 52).

Productivity enhancements are facilitated by unique features including a precise suction tape feeder that can be converted from single stream to single sheet mode, and ‘easy plate’ for fast and precise plate clamping. With the added option of a fully automatic perfecting device this a very versatile, yet economical press.

The PM52 is available from one to five colour units with a top operating speed of 13,000 sheets per hour; and provides simple press control with direct access to all functions.
New features of the QM DI press include Smart Spooling. This system only spools the amount of plate material required for the format of the job being printed. This feature along with the recent release of more economical plate material has drastically reduced the production cost of this technology.

Heidleberg is luanching a common graphic user interface (GUI) for all its workflow products. In addition to a common GUI, developments in the Prinect workflow focuses on several areas; improved data management and colour management; increased functionality in plate production; and streamlining remote access.
Data management relates to job specifications and job-specific data. Along with that, ensuring consistent print quality through colour management and correction is a major deliverable for most suppliers.

Further developments to all of the Prinect Production software suite will show greater automation, sustainable control of colour through a common colour database incorporating the paper characteristics, advanced management of the ICC profiling, streamlined integration to press and post press, as well as other modules that will enable print buyer interaction.

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