IPC buys new Busch Pile Turner from Graph-Pak

Industrial Printing Co (IPC) has purchased and installed a new SE125 RLA model Busch Pile Turner from Graph-Pak as it looks to make its business processes faster and more efficient.

IPC general manager Steve Scott said it has purchased a counting machine, banding machines and celloglazing films from Graph-Pak before but the Busch Pile Turner has been its largest purchase from the company to date.

“We purchased this machine as it is a German-built machine, which should mean years of reliable service. It was also good value for money compared to the other brands we looked at. In addition, Graph-Pak was very helpful in our decision making,” Scott said.

Before IPC got the Busch Pile Turner, it had a manual turner for A2 size sheets but this had no jogging or air blowing capability.

“Until we had the Busch, we had to manually turnover A1 size sheets for our Ryobi 924 LED press,” Scott mentioned.

“We are now able to convert two piles of A2 sheets on a pallet into smaller one-up pallets to save hand loading. All turning of palletised paper is much quicker, and the paper is better prepared to put back through the press.

“A big bonus is the manual handling and safety for our workers – there is now way less risk of injury. Anything that is going through our presses twice is also faster.”

Scott also mentioned that the well-built, simple operation, machine stood out for its small footprint and for its ability to hold a smaller pallet height in comparison to other pile turners.

“We are now able to produce more work per day due to less paper handling which is what we need to do to survive. This way, our printers can concentrate on producing rather than turning paper over. We estimate that savings of up to two hours per day can be saved with the Busch Pile Turner,” he said.

Graph-Pak managing director Tom Ralph said as IPC was after an automated solution for turning, jogging and airing piles of paper from their printing presses, the Busch Pile Turner was an easy match for the business.

“In the past, they had a machine that was only doing half the job. With the Busch, just a push of a button from the operator turns the skid on its side and blasts a line of blowing air all the way through the stack, which cools it and removes all the spray powder from the job,” he said.

“It also has automated joggers which are power controllable. So, when it comes out, it is basically a perfectly stacked block of paper that goes back into the press for further processing. It removes all of the manual labour out of it.”

The short, compact machine also comes in at under three metres in length.

“IPC absolutely loves this machine. They are so excited about the benefits that come with the machine, including reducing some of their labour, improving their bottom line without getting rid of anybody, and becoming more efficient. That’s what this machine does,” Ralph mentioned.

“The install, for Graph-Pak, means a closer alignment with IPC, who we’ve been friends with and known for many years. Just aligning ourselves further with a partner we have worked with before solidifies our future together.”

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