Konica Minolta’s Melissa Dempsey on the journey to success

Sprinter spoke to the new CMO for Konica Minolta (KM), Melissa Dempsey, about joining the print industry, the company’s transformation journey and why she wants to position KM to partner for success.

Why Konica Minolta?

Firstly, I’m new to this industry, but I see it as an opportunity to be part of the transformation that’s taking place for this premium brand and its excellent customer experience. KM is known for its high level of service, a 150-year tradition that KM has built upon. I am looking forward to being part of where KM is going in the future.

How will your previous experience influence your approach to the new role?

My background is in the tech industry. I have worked mostly in cybersecurity with companies such as Symantec and Norton. My career has always involved transformational journeys, so it is something I am drawn to.

I hear you love Japan to visit. Did that influence your decision to work for a Japanese company such as KM?

I have spent a lot of time working in Japan. I managed a team in Japan and have travelled there extensively. I am very familiar with Japanese culture. So yes, the idea of working for a Japanese company appealed to me. That was part of it.

What are the greatest challenges the industry is facing?

The decline in print volumes is a challenge, but there are verticals and areas where there is an increase. Obviously, helping our customers and partners grow in those areas is essential to the business. But like any industry, skill shortages, cost of doing business, cost of goods – everybody’s struggling with that.

Give your top priorities you plan to address in your new position.

I’m very customer-oriented. So that’s one of the reasons Konica appealed to me. I’m all about understanding the end-to-end customer experience. For me, that’s across the whole portfolio because, as you know, KM has various portfolios. I’m also partner-oriented.

How do you see KM Australia positioning itself in the market in the future?

It’s an important market; the business is here to help our customers and partners. We need to understand the go-to-market and the ecosystem we operate in. And then, of course, from a marketing standpoint, we need to understand who we are today and who we will be showing up as in the future. It’s about the premium brand and our high service level.

What will be your key focus when it comes to KM customers?

The big thing is the transformational journey we’re on. Where we’ve been is important, and I’m proud of the company’s 150-year tradition. I intend to focus on preserving what we’ve got and building on that base.

It’s about understanding our customer’s and partners’ needs in the market and ensuring we bring value to helping them grow and succeed in their businesses.

It’s maintaining those high levels of customer experience and service. That’s what we’re proud of, and we will continue to do that – partner for success.

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