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Regular LEP Colour Printers customers may not have noticed much difference in their daily transactions with the company over the past year and a half. It has been business as usual — the fastest turnaround times, service and print quality in every job.

Behind the scenes though, it has been another story. LEP has spent that time discreetly re-imagining the company, from top to bottom, and over the past month it has revealed details of the genuine improvements that process of reinvention will deliver.

A new brand to match the vision

The first and most obvious change has been a logo redesign that better reflects the company’s corporate vision. Its release a month or so ago was a taste of how LEP now sees print in the media landscape. It was designed to say technology, motion and connection, and has been successful in cementing LEP’s position as a motivated, innovative trade printer, redefining the parameters of trade print relationships.

Alongside the new logo, a new website has been developed to provide what LEP’s customers are really looking for when they go to a site — readily accessible information to help them make decisions for their own customers.

The new website has succeeded in meeting the cross-purposes of all websites — an attractive, easy to navigate design that provides a full complement of relevant information, which is the primary reason most people initially visit a site.

The new website also assumes that many visitors will access it from phones or tablets as they go about their daily business, so they can check the site’s library of resources to find the most appropriate print products, the technical details for each product, such as artwork guidelines, print templates and paper stocks — and do it on the run.

Prominently displayed on the website is LEP’s extensive range of products that are available with same-day or next-day dispatch options.

Live chat

The new website also now includes a live chat function inside the ordering system, with a dedicated support centre so LEP’s customers can get answers to their queries quickly.
John Bromfield, chief executive officer of LEP Colour Printers, has been delighted with the response so far to the new logo and website. He says, “It is a big tick of approval for the company’s efforts to continually evolve and to meet the changing demands of trade printing.

“We needed to give customers an easier way to see LEP, our people and our vision of where we see trade print heading. It is more important than ever that trade printers partner comprehensively with their print customers, for mutual benefit. We have put an enormous amount of effort into our new site so our customers get a real sense of who we are.”

The future is online

“More importantly though”, he added, “the site brings to fruition LEP’s new online customer ordering system, My LEP.”

While My LEP is the last facet of the company’s reformation to be revealed, it was actually the foundation of all the internal changes at LEP during the past 18 months, and was perfected before other changes were put in place.

Bromfield says, “Before we started work on our new website, we set out to transform our online print order platform. My LEP (formerly LEP Online) is really the cornerstone of our business, and its redevelopment is the biggest innovation LEP has done in years. It has certainly been worth all the effort – and the wait.”

“My LEP brings together a fully integrated system that enables LEP customers to get quotes and order print jobs. But it is so much more than that. It offers a vast range of job customisation options as well as manufacturing and distribution options for customers. In this way it provides different service needs for different customers, but doesn’t need extensive technical knowledge to use it.

“My LEP has effectively redefined online ordering for printers, providing countless print job options while stripping away the obstacles that have made online ordering a chore in other systems.

“It is, simply, a game changer.”

With My LEP printers can browse millions of product options, prices and quantities online at any time, from anywhere and order products immediately. They can just click on a product icon to view and compare the many options available with quantities, stocks and speed of delivery – on one screen.

Printers can even choose from a wide range of courier services to suit the job’s delivery address, or choose a courier and the service level that suits their client for every order, and do it with just one click. Orders for the same address can also be consolidated so freight rates can be reduced. Each order can be personalised with customers’ logos and dispatched to end clients to give the appearance of direct delivery from LEP’s customers.

“Our customers know how we meet their demands every time with lean manufacturing and exceptional service,” says Bromfield. “We are now embracing our next transformation with My LEP, and we are excited about the new possibilities it will deliver our customers’ businesses.”

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