Managing customer feedback

Customer feedback provides the opportunity for printers to hone in on issues and do something about it. For example, a customer may complain about pricing. As a result, you might adjust prices. A customer may compliment you about the cleanliness of your plant or helpfulness of your staff. Time to promote and reward staff for work well done.

Businesses have to go out and talk to their customers and find out what they are unhappy about. They can use customer satisfaction surveys to ask for general suggestions. Customers might not necessarily be dissatisfied, but they could give suggestions to make their experience even better.

Printers can also use the survey to identify strengths and use those. For example, if customers say you have the best customer service team or the fastest delivery for instance, you could use that as a selling point in the future.

It is also incredibly important for you to run customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. This will allow you to notice differences from one survey to the next. You obviously want to see an improvement in satisfaction over the time and if that is not happening, there is something wrong. Since you can use customer satisfaction surveys to track satisfaction over time, you can easily identify when your customers are the most satisfied with your business.

Approaching customers with a new sales opportunity when they are the most satisfied with your business can improve your chance of success.

In addition to finding ways to keep existing customers, you can also use the results of these surveys to potentially win back some old ones.

It’s important to keep customers informed about the ongoing status of their issues and requests. That also includes letting customers know when your company uses one of their suggestions.

 If you have lost customers, ask them why they left. If you receive useful insights and are able to fix the issues that caused them to leave, they might consider coming back, at least it should prevent others leaving for the same reason if put strategies in place to rectify. All of these aspects, from helping customers feel more connected to your brand to making improvements based on feedback, can lead to customers that are more likely to promote your brand. These surveys can increase customer satisfaction.

There are some key questions to ask in any survey. These include:

– Would you recommend our services?

– Are you happy to provide a testimonial?

– Who are you? Demographic questions are a great way to segment your customers into groups, so you can target them more effectively with separate marketing campaigns.

– What do you think of us?

– What is important to you?

– Any other comments of suggestions?

Printers also need to have systems in place to manage feedback.

What sort of systems? Are you currently measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction? Customer support centres receiving and responding to customer feedback through phone calls, emails and letters would be one way to handle it. Or set up a Facebook fan page where customer feedback comes via posts about themselves and your company. Monitor what customers are saying about you on Twitter or on blogs.

It is better to do all this through a centralised system. Having it in different departments and sections is too cumbersome.

Feedback is critical for learning all about customers’ needs, wants and issues. It also helps identify trends and patterns that will be critical for the success of the business.

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