Nipson launches high-speed duo

Both presses feature high print quality (600dpi) and Nipson’s proprietary technology combination of magnetographic imaging and cold flash fusing. The company says this combination produces razor-sharp output at full rated speeds on a wide range of stocks. These stocks include papers from light to heavy weights, synthetics, foils, labels, carbonless materials, and more. Additional flexibility is in the VaryPress MICReady magnetic toner allowing printing for checks and other financial and security applications without the need to change the standard printer.

Alfons Buts, Nipson Digital Printing Systems president, says, “The VaryPress 200 and 400 are build on the speed, reliability, and flexibility that Nipson has always brought to the industry. The 200 and 400 also bring distinct values of their own for the varying goals of digital print providers. The VaryPress 200 is ideal for data-driven variable documents with high-print quality demand while the 400 is a digital workhorse, ideal for applications requiring large volumes of variable data produced in conjunction with other pressroom equipment.”

The Nipson VaryPress 200 incorporates an entirely new generation of magnetographic imaging technology, including newly designed write heads, an enhanced performance print drum, and a new toner formulation. The result is excellent output quality with seamless grayscales, high quality photographs, and fine line drawings.

Operating at speeds of up to 70m per minute, the VaryPress 200 can produce over 500 sharp 600dpi images per minute in two-up simplex mode. In addition to the conventional twin engine duplex configuration, Nipson also offers the VaryPress 200 in a Single Engine Duplex (SED) version. The SED configuration takes advantage of the printer’s wide paper path to print both sides of the web with a single print engine. The VaryPress 200 also works with many print software packages to ensure compatibility with existing print operations as well as adaptability for future growth.

Printing high quality 600 dpi output at up to 125m per minute, Nipson says the VaryPress 400 is the true high volume workhorse of the digital printing world. Its high speed allows operation in line with traditional offset presses as well as in multiple stand-alone configurations.

For example, short run book production systems built on the VaryPress 400 platform can print over 190,000 6″x 9″ pages per hour, and use less expensive groundwood and standard offset papers. Teamed with the appropriate finishing equipment, such a system can transform a roll of paper directly to neatly finished books in a single process.

As another example, business forms manufacturers can successfully print bar codes and other variable information on the plies of carbonless business forms that are collated in a downstream process. There is no pressure in the fusing process, so the carbonless micro-coatings are not damaged, and there’s no heat, so the substrate does not shrink, warp, or dry out. Post-processing steps proceed easily with perfectly aligned and flat output and no static electricity problems.

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