PES founder Paul Taylor passes

Paul Taylor, who founded Photo Electronic Services (PES), has passed away aged 65, with his funeral to take place on Thursday.

Taylor lived a full-life, achieving more than most, having been an Air Force cadet, pilot, technician for Kodak, before starting PES in the late 70s to be able to spend more time with his young family.

Deborah Gray, Paul’s sister, who also worked with him at PES, recounted his life to Australian Printer, and the impact he had on the people around him.

She says, “He was always pulling things apart and putting them back together, and started working on electronics in someones garage, making burglar alarms, before selling his business to someone else.

“He then moved over to Kodak, working on the technical side of their mini-photo points. They wanted him to work between Melbourne and the US, spending three months at each and alternating. Paul wanted to be close to his young family, so he started PES and ended up taking a lot of the business from Kodak.

“Paul always made himself available, 24/7, and could get machines up and running that no-one else could. He really had the trust of everyone he worked with, as he was honest, and reliable. I think the fact that his staff rarely leave says a lot about him."

She remembers a story told by a colleague, where Durst was giving technicians a new machine demonstration with Paul in the room. The demonstrator asked if anyone wanted to take a turn to repeat the steps for how to disassemble and reassemble a press, or if they had any questions. Most people were frantically scribbling notes, while Paul was just standing and watching with his arms crossed.

Deborah continues, “When it came time for everyone to individually attempt to re-do the steps, it took them an average of three hours to complete. The instructor was sure my brother was not paying attention and would struggle.

“Paul did it in 45 minutes. He was one of those people that could just see it.”

Paul Taylor also had a passion for flying, and obtained his pilot’s licence, and commercial pilot’s licence.

Deborah explains, “Flying was his real passion, he loved flying. He had a plane, a twin-engine Cessna, and for a while he had a Turboprop.

“He ran a side business for a while called Australian Aero Discovery, and used to fly a lot of politicians around.

“Paul also flew firefighters out when needed, at a cost to the business.

“He was happiest when flying. If he was stressed about something, he would go for a fly, and come back a different person.

“He never had time to pull the planes apart and put them back together though, as he was too busy in the earlier days. Some laws might have stopped him too.”

Having friends in the Air Force, Paul Taylor used to let them use his departure lounge at the airport to relax before they would do their stunt flights for parades.

“Paul would even join them for their loops and flights,” says Deborah, “I was told he was a good pilot, and remember him managing to land a plane I was with him in when the undercarriage did not lock in and he had to scrape the bottom of it to stop.

“Paul cared about everyone that worked with him. When times were tough, the only thing he would say is that I have to pay the staff. That is all he cared about.”

Matt Ashman, sales manager, PES, says, “Paul’s funeral will be on Thursday 13th December at 11am at Eltham Community and Reception Centre, 801 Main Road, Eltham 3095.

“All are welcome to join his family in celebrating the life of a great man and a great life lived to the full. There is no dress code.”

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