PIAA urges printers to make power move

The PIAA is calling on printers to take action to force the government to confront the spiraling cost of power, action the PIAA says will create a response.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO at PIAA says, “Enough is enough. The impact of exponentially increasing energy prices is crippling our industry and poses a serious risk to employment and manufacturing in Australia. We hear the stories of print business owners, and we understand the impact it is having on business decisions.

“The PIAA has been working to keep this issue at the forefront of political policy and decision-making. You may have seen the pressure I placed on Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy, and Chris Bowen, opposition Treasury spokesperson on Q&A on Monday night.

“We share the frustration about the political complacency towards the urgency of the situation. Whilst parties across the spectrum are looking for the medium- to long-term view, industry needs immediate relief.”

The PIAA is demanding tangible relief packages to be implemented now, and wants printers to communicate to the government and their individual members, asking them for actions including:

  • new rules to create incentives for PIAA members who invest in energy infrastructure that adds to electricity supply, especially at peak times, and to reward our members who use less during those same peaks;
  • accelerate depreciation rates, introduced with retrospective effect from 1/7/17, for energy infrastructure installed, commissioned and ready for use by Australian printers. Assets must cost less than $100,000 + GST to qualify for immediate deduction, with a 30 per cent depreciation rate thereafter;
  • and to encourage the investment in suitable assets, the PIAA is seeking a Government-mandated 30 per cent rebate direct from all energy retailers where electricity usage is reduced by at least 15 per cent within a six month period, year on year.

 Macaualy says, “Print business owners and managers can personally assist the association's efforts and drive the momentum by participating in the three easy steps we have created.

“First they can sign our petition calling for action. Printers can show their support by signing the petition here.”

The petition allows for a consolidated view of the national support to demand relief to the manufacturing sector from crippling energy prices.

“Secondly printers can contact their Members of Parliament.”

PIAA has a list of their details. Federal Senators and Members can be identified using the postcode lookup here and relevant contact details are listed – post, online email or text.

State representatives and their contact information can be found using the links below:










“And third share your story and what you would like to see. In your own words share your story briefly, ask for immediate relief from energy prices to save jobs and manufacturing in Australia.

“To assist you, the association has provided two pro forma templates so that you can use the appropriate one as the basis for your letter:

Business Owners demand relief from energy prices
Employees demand relief from energy prices

Macaulay says, “Together our voice is stronger. Let yours be heard.”

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