PIAA webinar on combating cyber attacks

Printers looking to combat cyber attacks should join a PIAA webinar that focuses on rapidly increasing issues around internet crime, says the association. Joe Kowalewski, Printing Industries national director communications, technology and creative, “This is one of the most important webinars we have developed because we are focusing on business threats that the vast majority of companies are not prepared for.


Joe Kowalewski, PIAA national director communications, technology and creative

“Online commerce is part of our everyday lives. But an increasing number of industry companies are using and relying on the internet for business transactions including web-to-print solutions, their exposure to cyber-crime threats has increased to unprecedented levels. “Security must be of paramount importance to all systems, but we know from the feedback gained in our W2P survey and report earlier this year that some systems are in-house developed and maintained, and even with externally provided systems, the responsibility for security rests solely with the purchaser. “Business owners and senior management need security protocols in place to protect their business on an ongoing basis, and these are the people who need to sign on for this webinar.” Kowalewski says most W2P systems allow clients to login to a server, get quotations and job specifications, manage current and past print jobs, upload images and files and complete financial transactions. “The same server may also be linked directly to your MIS and manage your customers’ lists, stock inventory and accounts,” he says. “Imagine a hacker being able to gain access to all of this and the impact that could have on your business. The unfortunate reality is, this is happening every day. “According to the Australian Internet Security Initiative, led by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, there were up to 15,000 compromised systems on average each day and any printing business owner reading this could be next,” he says. The webinar – Cyber Skills for General Management, an introduction to cyber security for managers from a non-technical background, will provide an understanding of the threats and what they can do to protect their businesses. The one hour webinar featuring guest presenter, Andrew Dixon-Hughes, founder and CEO of Axial Networks, is on Wednesday, September 23 at 1pm (AEST), and will include a Q&A session. Click here to register.

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